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  1. Hi guys, 3080ti Whit i9 10900k and reverb g2 running at 60hz stable here. When on the deck of the supercarrier everithing is fine untill i look at the tower…then i get a massive fps drop from 60 to 33…i think is related to all the people ?!?
  2. same problem here,3080ti with i9 10900k and reverb g2.i play well the first mission then for the second one is a purple mess, any idea?!?
  3. hi guys, 3080ti with i9 10900k and reverb g2. i have a mass8ve fps drop after i play one training mission: the first training mission is perfectly ok then go back to menu select another one and it is a mess...purple lines on the gpu side everywhere( in the first mission all is green and frame time is 10 to 12 ms). if i alt tab sometimes it resets but mostly i have to reboot and play again the training mission i want.
  4. ok will check that, anyway thank you for the reply
  5. the thing is strange low altitude, full power, all of a sudden the speed goes down to 50, i have also the gear horn ringing and telling me to put down gears but my speed is very high is not 50....crazy bug, then all of a sudden you gain altitude and it start showing the right speed on thehud....any idea?!? is a bug i think
  6. the problem is still there...the second time you play a training mission the hell happens...full purple lines.i mean you do the first training mission, end it and go to the main screen, then select another training mission play it and boom purple lines and fps loss. if i then go out of the game, come back in and select again the training mission it goes on normally....any idea, is getting me crazy
  7. the thing is in campaigns with lots of vehicles and action i have 60 fps stable, in training missions with the same settings it goes crazy.I use 60hz for the eye candy, is very stable and i prefer it to 90 with motion reprojection or with low res.But definitively there is something wrong
  8. training missions of a10c, a10c II and some f18 t4aining missions, in vr i go like 25 to 30fps while in campaigns i have, with the same settings, 60 stable fps
  9. Crazy bug in training missions...same settings og campaigns and single player where i have 60 stable fps( 3080ti with i9 10900k and reverb g2 at 60hz).when i load a training mission fps go crazy, like 25 to 30, any idea?!?
  10. excuse me, i am having difficulties mapping the flaps switch to hotas, it recognizes the up and down position only, any idea?!?
  11. hi guys, sometimes the tgp completely loses track after having been ground stabilized...is that normal?!?i mean it completely goes off track, not the fact the when under the wing loses the imaging while turning the other side, that is normal. it goes completely on another place so you have to repeat the procedure of searching the target again
  12. the mission was completed i were still on the tgt area and told the wingman to rtb, he told me he was doing so.After 5 to 10 mins he said he was ejecting...he did not sustain injuries during the attack and no other enemies around
  13. hi there, strenge thing happening, while descending from a climb, throttle to idle, 7000 feet, speed was around 220, then gear alarm sound and speed suddenly to 50 on the hud...but i was over 200... i continued my descent and all of a sudden boom again 200 and no more landing gear sound. anyone can explain?!?there was no airbrakes and changing in speed during thedescent, it is not the first time
  14. hi guys, i am upgrading my system and the only thing i have not planned to upgrade till now ismy valve index. My question is easy, i want as much fps and visual clarity possible, so: is better upgrading my index with a reverb g2 or stay with my index and use supersampling for visual quality?!? i mean for the gpu is less taxing keeping reverb g2 at 100% steam vr or is less taxing my index with 140% supersampling?!?
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