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  1. I'd like to see more stuff that makes the world come alive. You can spawn at a major international airport, and there's nothing but you.


    One of the best modules ED has made, was the Super Carrier. You went from an empty Stennis to a deck that feels alive.


    That needs to be done "globally".


    Taxiing aircraft at airports, crews working, airliners arriving and departing with ATC chatter.

    Random airliners flying when you're on your way to or from the AO.


    The maps need filled in to become alive. Not just players.


    And it should be auto generated, not having to spend 36 hours in the ME to get a plane working juuuuuuust right.


    Also, official ED servers. A PVE and PVP server for each map that can hold hundreds/thousands of players.

    Right now we have 9 million servers and only a few people in each except for a few populated ones.

    I'd like to see a few severs with hundreds of players, maybe with set events.


    A huge Blue vs Red event every Saturday at 9 PM Eastern, whatever. 100 v 100, you name it.


    Just a few things.


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  2. Listen to the latest episode of Air Combat Sim Podcast featuring @Cobra847 - CEO, Founder and Lead Artist at Heatblur Simulations.

    A big Thank You goes to @baltic_dragon, @Belgeode and the entire Air Combat Sim Podcast team!

    We hope you enjoy the episode.

    Heard the Su-27 being mentioned... a Heatblur made Flanker would be incredible! I'd pay $100 for that, without thinking twice. Please make it happen.

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  3. What happened to the Sniper pod? I don't see it in the planned items for the Viper anymore?


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  4. I'd like to see a separate tab in the armament screen to load custom helmets. If I wanted to fly a Jolly Roger F-14 I could do so with a personalized helmet, and swap to an Egyptian F-16 and load the same helmet livery.


    Added to that I'd like to see an in game helmet customizer with some designs to choose from, pick colors, add callsigns, etc.




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  5. A 2 seater F-16 would be fun, and would help train new pilots to the module.


    A swappable tail in the Ground Crew options between drag chute or non drag chute would be nice since many of the overseas F-16's we have liveries for, have drag chutes.


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  6. Damage is not always synced between clients
    You would think since I had the damage, I would see it. There's nothing to sync. The others saw it, but not me.

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  7. I was flying the Tomcat, got shot in the wing, and my squadron mates told me I had fuel coming out the plane, but when I switched to external view, I saw nothing. Is there a graphical setting I'm missing?

    I fly in VR with a Reverb G2.


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  8. We're working on it, despite the external factors being all against us. We're not getting into any complaining or explaining, just doing what we need to do. Every day TECS is getting closer. Like, "physically" closer, not "we know more about it now than we knew last night".
    Super excited. Can't wait. Love my VKB sticks so I'm excited to try the throttle.

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  9. I have tried to see the TADS/PNVS move when slewing TDS.
    Never seen it.
    Even when I look at a target through TADS, it looks like it is still tucked in.
    Is it able to move in the sim?
    The top part you see stowed is the pilot's PNVS. The CPG one is underneath.
    The pilot's will unstow when he turns the PNVS on for his monocle.

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  10. Can we turn down the probability of a fuel leak a little ED??

    I had a pigeon look at me funny and my Viper sprung a leak.

    It's a bit ridiculous.



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  11. When will George start spotting targets on his own? It would make life a lot easier if he called out targets like a real CPG would.


    Can you make him tell us when he locked a friendly? Like Jester? He locks friendly targets just like enemy ones, but stays silent.


    So yeah, a search mode, and an IFF for George would be greatly appreciated.


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  12. Searched for a bit, didn't see a topic about it.

    Would like to see a 2 seater version added since we have multi crew options now.


    It would help with training people to sit in the cockpit with them and seeing what they're doing.


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  13. I’m struggling to see the point of a trim reset. Very happy with the way trim works.
    Then don't use it

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