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  1. For any input which is held, it's better to map the function to a joystick button in DCS rather than use the keyboard.
  2. Press the D/L button again to toggle between the two.
  3. What does the controls indicator (Rctrl + Enter) show? Checked control options for pitch being assigned to a device it shouldn't be?
  4. Whole bunch of cockpit renders in this other stickied topic...
  5. The devs aren't even using it for the latest images. Bit pointless it being stickied at the moment.
  6. Since no one responded to this as far as I can see, I'll give you an answer: Photogrammetry is great for more 'organic' shapes which are difficult to measure, the joystick being a perfect example. The models resulting from photogrammetry describe shape very well, but are usualy quite vague in terms of absolute precision. For things that can be measured, nothing is more accurate than vernier callipers or even a simple ruler or tape measure. Most appropriate of which depends entirely on the size of the object being measured. Even with good photogrammetry you still need to confirm that your reference mesh is the correct size. That's done by comparing it with physical measurements from the real thing.
  7. Brun

    VR Audio

    Hear like in helmet option isn't relevent (I have it turned off). Just set the devices for Main audio out and Headphones as required...
  8. Brun

    VR Audio

    I use speakers for external sounds and have comms through the headset. Works perfectly.
  9. @obious Sorry, only just seen this. Took a look at the 3D model that I based the dimensions on and discovered it's slightly too big. Should only be 106 mm total, so approx 1.25mm shorter at either end. Apologies for that, surprised it hasn't been discovered sooner. Was it just that one piece causing a problem? Hope you don't mind having to cut it down, at least any rough edges will be well hidden.
  10. BBI-64 definitely has enough inputs for the UFC and HUD panel, can't remember how many there were spare for the HDG/CRS switches and others. Should be easy enough to make a list and count them. I used two separate inputs for the two-postition switches (eg. Altimeter Baro/Rdr) but it would be possible to get away with one if you use the 'special for joystick' functionality. That's a bit of a pain if the particular switch isn't already supported though, because it means editing files. I really didn't like the rotary encoders, pots are a huge improvement. However there aren't enough digital inputs on the BU0386A (32 max?) to use just that, you'd need a BBI-64 as well.
  11. Suspect the question is regarding direct control without 'interference' from the FCS. Pretty sure the answer is no.
  12. The claim that a monitor must be 'minimum' 144Hz and HDR capable is clearly nonsense, because the majority are neither. Are these all 'consumer TVs'? Wonder how many have aerial sockets?
  13. Be aware that the real jet has different idle detents depending whether it's airborne. In the sim you'll therefore have an apparent deadzone at the bottom of the throttle when in flight, but that becomes 'active' when on the ground. Edit - Sorry, forgot I wasn't in the F-18 section. If this is about another aircraft, ignore the above.
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