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  1. Ah, just the info I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I've had my TrackIR 4 since not long after DCS: Black Shark came out. I'm running the TrackIR 5 software with it, and it works fine. However, I was wondering if there would be any benefit to getting the version 5 camera - it does seem to have greatly enhanced specs. Not so much in terms of frame rate, which as I understand it, TrackIR doesn't affect, but rather general smoothness and responsiveness, as well as light filtration. Thanks for any insights!
  3. I (back)ordered a MongoosT-50CM3 on July 23 or so, it arrived here (continental United States) today. Considerably quicker than I expected, and what a remarkable piece of equipment. One idle question that isn't important enough to start a thread on, but once I had the firmware configured, I noticed that while there were only generic axis bindings and no button bindings for the Mi-24, the other aircraft I'm currently learning, the Mirage 2000, had pre-loaded extensive button bindings - landing gear, VHF/UHF, AA weapons modes, radar slewing, airbrakes, autopilot, and so forth, that, upon inspection, were in no need of revision. I usually hate ready-made profiles but this one is awfully good, and about what I would have come up with on my own, but after several tedious hours of experimentation and testing. Is VIRPIL doing DCS aircraft-specific profiles generally, or is the Mirage the only one? I didn't see any for the MiG-19, F-14, Viggen, etc. Anyhow, a fantastic controller, I've only fiddled with it for part of an evening, but so far it's great.
  4. I was having a little less trouble with it in its pre-update state than some, but this is still a big improvement. Central position trimmer mode (the loud trimmer click is a great addition), depress and hold as you make your maneuver, release and center, fine-tune with trim hat - with all 4 AP channels on it's nearly as nimble as it is with them disengaged, and not twitchy at all. Proceeding under the plausible if by no means certainly correct assumption that the trim and AP systems are roughly comparable to the Mi-8, I applied the stick, rudder, and collective curves/saturation settings suggested in Chuck's Mi-8 guide and flying the Hind-F is easy, and at least feels pretty realistic, in the sense that it generally responds as one might reasonably expect a helicopter of its size, weight, power, aerodynamic surfaces, and control systems would. Some FPS optimization, folding mirrors, and a smarter Petrovich and it's pretty much there (subject to countless tweaks and revisions of course), at least from the back seat.
  5. For what it's worth, the GSh-30-2K in auto-ranging mode if you've got some slant on the target and are properly trimmed and understand the AP channels (even in the current perhaps incomplete/bugged state of both systems), is the best gun/sight combination for general use I've yet encountered in DCS. Flat-shooting, and both rates of fire (which I would characterize as "glacial chug" and "obliterate") are very useful depending on the circumstances and target type. I dim the fixed sight as low as it will go when using the moving reticle, and when that reticle comes alive and you pay attention to sideslip indicator, it's incredibly accurate and effective even in my clumsy hands.
  6. Ah, just the info I needed. Thanks very much!
  7. I noticed the VirPil throttle is on backorder - in anyone's experience are things always on backorder or do they sometimes have product in stock? I'd prefer not to tie up nearly $500 without even a rough idea of when I'll receive the item, unless that's just how it is, in which case I'll deal with it.
  8. This is totally fascinating. I was worried it was going to be a dumbed-down TV show with a robot English voiceover but in fact it's a serious documentary about the Mi-24 with amazing archival photos and film of Mikhail Mil, the Mi-24A, interview footage with Marat Tishchenko, arguments between "the customer" and Mil about components, and all sorts of other niche Soviet military helicopter stuff. Marat Tishchenko recalls that Mikhail Mil called the embryonic Mi-24 concept the "VBMP", at least to himself. Thanks for posting!
  9. Excellent, I think I have a leading contender for my throttle upgrade. Thanks everyone!
  10. It does indeed, thanks! I was considering the Warthog as well and they do seem to be similar in that respect. Thanks again.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading from my trusty but now-on-its-last-legs CH Pro Throttle and the VirPil MongoosT-50CM3 is very appealing to me. I use peripherals exclusively for DCS, and fly a variety of aircraft, both fixed and rotary-wing. My question is this - the VirPil throttle will obviously be excellent for twin-engine jet aircraft, and I fly a number of those, but I'm wondering if there's any reason it wouldn't work fine (or at least as well as any other throttle) as a collective for the Hind, Gazelle, etc., as I've been using the CH? Specifically, would the interchangeable and adjustable detents hurt or help or be irrelevant when using the device as a collective? I hope this makes at least a little sense and thanks for reading!
  12. The video is so cool and so directly relevant to the module, I'm glad to see it pop up in multiple places.
  13. I was just coming here to post the video Northstar98 did. The distinctive click of the trimmer and the servo noise of the trimmer, while perhaps not very audible in a real Hind wearing a helmet, etc., might be useful in-flight feedback as the lack of stick forces, big and extremely tactile metal switches and hats, etc., at least for most of us, makes trimming the helicopter perhaps slightly more difficult than it should be.
  14. It seems more like the airframe vibrating very slightly, rather than a "head shake". It's quite subtle and has no effect whatsoever on gameplay, but it's a little extra immersion, at least for me.
  15. I don't think so - it doesn't simulate any specific vibration like that - it's just like the shift-j jiggle in external view but much more subtle - visually makes the craft as seen from inside the cockpit seem less like it's on rails.
  16. No, I just tested it with several other modules...shift+J pressed three times adds cockpit shake - I confirmed in a trimmed aircraft and disabled TrackIR so I could see the edge of the cockpit where it meets the canopy shuddering a bit in relation to the ground. I haven't checked to see if there's a listed binding for it in the controls menu.
  17. Well, it would appear I was mistaken. This functionality is in fact present - press shift-j 3x and there's a subtle cockpit vibration clearly visible. I still wonder if it can be made more or less prominent, but it's there.
  18. I am curious about the IRL rules/procedures for the Mi-24 autopilot. I've had my best results with all 4 channels switched off for combat and maneuvering, turn them on selectively for hover, landing, takeoff, cruise, etc., as needed, although I'm far from having it all figured out, of course. 15-20% curves on all axes, but I may reduce those (they were higher) as my skills improve.
  19. I've noticed this works in tracks, but doesn't appear to have any effect while in-game. I'm reasonably certain it has worked in other modules at various times. It's a minor thing overall, but in its own way it's a big immersion-enhancer for me, so if it's possible to implement this, that would be great. Alternatively - perhaps there's a line in a .lua file somewhere that addresses this?
  20. ...and it works. Put a BRDM-2 in the woods broadcasting an audio file at 42.4mhz FM, R-828 channel 5, tuned it, set the source selector at position 2, and heard it loud and clear. Bugs/mislabelings are on ED, not understanding the difference between AM and FM is on me.
  21. Ah, that's a very good hypothesis regarding AM and ATC. I tried it in Batumi just to rule out the possibility the Beslan frequency was wrong, but no luck. I'll try it with something other than ATC. Also, it does seem to make sense that the R-828 would be second switch position right after the R-863, based both on the Russian labeling and the fact that it's the second-most capable radio in the aircraft, at least as I understand it. Thanks!
  22. Well. I'm baffled. SnuggleFairy's mission works as described, with the source selector in the second position. I've tried it several times to confirm that it's the R-828 that's picking up the signal, so at the very least there's something screwy about the hovering tooltips, the panel labeling, or the source selector switch functionality (or all 3). Nevertheless, on my test mission, I have Beslan tower as channel 5 of the R-828 at 42.4mhz and can't get a reply on anything other than R-863 or Jadro, assuming I've programmed/tuned those. Edited to add - I use the Russian cockpit as well, at least usually, but I've fiddled with this problem using both to account for things I may not have noticed as I am a native English speaker.
  23. I have the same problem. R-863 and Jadro work fine, but with the R-828 I get silence. I'm pretty sure I have the frequency preset done correctly in the mission editor, the source selector knob set to the correct position (which appears to be mislabeled in the tooltips), automatic tuner pressed, etc. If it's a bug or missing feature, no big deal as it's early access and remarkably complete and functional for EA, just wondering if there's something I'm overlooking. Also, does anyone know if the real Hind R-863 is manually tunable or only has presets? There's not even a placeholder graphic representation of tuning controls, so I wonder if the R-863 set for the Mi-24 was simplified compared to that of the Mi-8, being far less of a multirole helicopter than the Hip, or if it's a work in progress.
  24. Okay, thanks very much everyone. Missile selected wasn't the specific problem, although I've made that mistake many times, but I confused jojo's suggestion of "diafr. open" with the "sight doors open" switch, yet I managed to get tone and 2 (unsuccessful) shots off with the "diafr." closed, so I must have set up the attack run better. Then I figured out my error with "diafr. open", tried that, and actually got a kill on BTR-80. So everything is working as it should. Petrovich is a better missile operator than pilot, although that he works as well as he does a week into early access is a promising sign. Thanks again!
  25. ...actually, the only problem I've encountered so far with this module. So, I'm 7km or so out from some enemy armored vehicles at a sensible altitude and speed, rear cockpit is all set to missile, sight on, everything automatic and synced, safeties off, guidance and missile control box powered up, missile on a hot rail, green ready lights, guidance unit warmed up, etc. Petrovich is flying the Hind to the target, all parameters seem to be correct, centering the reticle on the enemy vehicle and ordering Petrovich to continue the attack run, but I'm not getting the launch tone anywhere from 5.5km to 1km. From the rear seat, Petrovich works great and will hit enemy vehicles all day long, and my hypothesis I'm doing something wrong. I believe I have everything set up correctly, I think I've eliminated any control axis conflicts, and I'm just wondering what I haven't thought of or done yet...ordering "weapons free" from the rear cockpit"? Or maybe tweaking sight slew control sensitivity...does the reticle need to be right exactly on top of the target to get launch authorization? I'm able to command a launch in the tutorial, but not in-game. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
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