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  1. The problem also occured to me in the A-10-II on the PG map on a MP server. Maybe it hast something to do with the know black flickering when the mirrors are on.
  2. This should work: ...Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_Group\Common\indicator --> MDG_strokesDefs.lua stroke_thickness = 0.9 stroke_fuzziness = 0.15
  3. Hi Derek! Got a DSD Flight1 Box and a small question I couldn't find any answer. Is it possible to (easily) alter the resolution of the two way encoders? I use them for the HSI Course and Heading Knob in the DCS aircrafts and in the A-10C these work perfectly. But for example in the F-16 or C-101 the rotation speed is much too slow for changing the course. Thanks! :)
  4. At least the FC4 planes shoud be free for any FC3 owners. Why should I even pay 5$ for an aircraft I already own for some kind of "easy mode"? T thought this would be handled by the sim itself regarding auto-start features and the options menue like easy comms etc. If you expand these game options EVERY module now existing will be easier to attrackt new players. I know, they are way more expansive as the FC3 planes but with the sales this shouldn't be too much of a problem I guess. For future models the idea of having FC4 planes first and afterwards goingt the extra mile with some to update them to full fidelity models seems way more appropriate. New players can join in, old players will get NEW planes to have fun with. And the hardcore will get some of them in the future as full fidelity planes. For me this way seems to produce way more revenue in the end.
  5. The link for the P-40 refund is not working anymore?
  6. Have the same problem and downloading the 1938 files again. Would be nice if this sort of info would also be stated in the ED patch notes. And even better if this would be triggered as a warning at the start of the DCS update: "Please deactivate your MiG21 first before proceeding with this update".
  7. Working now after updating the core game twice?! :)
  8. Still getting the same error even after first updating the game to the new version :(
  9. Yes it's very sad that it looks like ED was coding the twin seat functionality without any communication to the 3. party developers :(
  10. Just installed DCS World on a new SSD and still the problem with the F-15C from FC3. The only keyboard command which works is alt-tab. Otherwise the keyboard is "dead" Keyboard is a Microsoft Sidewinder X4. System is an I7 running with win7 64. Any suggestions?
  11. Ok seems only a problem with the FC3 F-15C. Guess I have to wait for the next update and hope it works then :)
  12. Any news on that problem? Just installed the new DCS World version and my keyboard also isn't responding in flight. It worked only in the very first flight.
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