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  1. Yes, when I enter the plane SRS disconnects... It used to work in the initial release of the Jeff...
  2. Try an autostart to work around the CMS issue for now. Works in SP and MP. Lwin + Home.
  3. If you want working CMS: you can work around the issue by performing an autostart. Works in SP and MP. Lwin + Home.
  4. Hope so... Can't imagine this is realistic given the sudden change in force balance and the compensating - rather than anticipating - nature of a gyro. Let me see what happens without the gyro/AP system turned on So I tried that... Looks like it has nothing to do with the SAS/AP system... Reaction to torque changes during forward flight is almost absent... should it be like this?
  5. Two Questions: 1) Why is it that I don't need any left rudder input when I suddenly decrease the collective (or lose power)? The sudden main rotor torque change must affect the helicopter somehow... She now feels like an RC helicopter with a heading hold gyro. 2) How/where do I select a radio to transmit over?
  6. You are all free to do anything you want with the files / mod / ideas :thumbup:. I am no longer into it myself...
  7. False. There will never be enough choppers :smilewink:.
  8. No. It allows for calculated impact point delivery of forward firing A/G ordnance (also works without radar turned on, which shouldn't be the case afaik). However, there is no calculated impact point for free fall bombs in any mode. (yet there is CCIP for bombs in the current version, that is I believe the point of the OP).
  9. You can use manual mode to achieve that. Unfortunately in automatic mode there is still a CCIP solution that shouldn't be there. It should be exclusive to game mode. I bomb in manual mode and depress the pipper to the bottom of the ASP. I do not have any bomb charts though. I try to do steep dives and use the radar in fixed beam mode to get an idea of range to the target.
  10. Small inaccuracy (I glanced at the previous posts, I hope it wasn't mentioned yet) At the very beginning of the video in the original post, radar altitude shows 0. In DCS it shows 5, which I assume is the actual distance between the sensor and the ground. From the footage it appears that the offset due to landing gear height is taken into account... Easy fix I suppose. Just add an offset to the displayed Ralt. However, from an engineering standpoint, this offset should disappear when the landing gear is raised. Can't argue that from the HUD footage though... DCS 1.5.3 btw
  11. No way! an F-5? Never saw that coming! There were like... no hints at all. :D
  12. True Check out Matt's computer specs in his signature. Unless he upgraded and forgot to change his signature, Nevada will run just fine on 8Gb. Although he doesn't fly in multiplayer servers with 20+ players...
  13. 5Gb of RAM usage upon entering a simple free flight mission with about 8 players. Isn't that a bit too much?
  14. And you were right... As for this bug then...
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