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  1. I hear ya, but it remains the case that people often want to do a thing their way because it's their thing. As possible as it is that ED or a third party will do a full fidelity T-72, it is also possible that ED will simply say they are not interested for no other reason than they don't feel like it.
  2. Oh my, that actually makes sense. No wonder I didn't think of it. Thank you for the help. Edit: I checked the module manager and it's packed with old junk to delete. I'm used to Steam and it does things differently. Thanks again.
  3. Hmmmm, that's not great. But thank you for the response. Do you know a way to delete it?
  4. Hello, My main Steam DCS is on its own NVME with nothing else. I have a second DCS install on my C drive just for the trials. I like to keep as much space open on that disk as possible. I have all the maps on my Steam install, but no trials there and I want to give the C-101 a run over Syria. If I download a trial map to use with a trial plane, does the map delete itself after two-weeks or does it just stay there inactive inside DCS taking up space?
  5. I was asked to stay on topic so regarding the Top End Australia map, so all I can say is that I'm really looking forward to the Sinai map and I enjoy the updates.
  6. Don't forget the Kola map. As an ORBX product it could raise the par for ground textures. Really looking forward to that one. As for the Top End Australia map, oh dear. I might have to amend my signature. "But all of the maps except..." The thought of shelling out good money for that thing makes my stomach hurt. I'm quite the optimist about maps, but that one... oy vey!
  7. It's not unfortunate, it's simply the case sometimes. There are people who do a thing who sometimes want to keep that thing within the vision they have, regardless of what others want. It happens all the time. I don't know if that is the case or not. Others know much more about building modules than I do. Possibly yes. I suspect you know more about it than I do.
  8. Sometimes it's just the case that the person in charge of a thing has their own vision of it and doesn't want to change. Maybe ED simply doesn't want a full ground aspect to DCS... because! Makes me think of when I asked my sister to make a chocolate cheesecake. She said she liked to make normal cheesecake. I said yeah, but we'd all love it if you made chocolate cheesecake, because she made awesome cheesecake. She said we were free to go and buy some whenever we wanted to. She just wanted to make cheesecake. Thus my fattening analogy.
  9. Neat! Maybe going FF with air and ground is just too big a thing to handle comfortably. Might lead to massive headaches. I don't know.
  10. I'm sorry, I'm not certain what kind of complexity you are referring of. Do you mean it's possibly more complex to make a ground vehicle inside CA than to make a plane?
  11. I would imagine they would if it was profitable. I can't imagine why they couldn't.
  12. I wonder if any 3rd party dev would work on CA? Probably not, but you never know.
  13. I don't really care about first person stuff too much, but I did make some fun and colourful missions driving a Hummer with a .50 into a defended airfield and going full Desert Rats on the parked airplanes. Da bullets dey was a' flyin' ever which way! It was a fun departure from the usual DCS style of play. I would think a lot of people forget we can do stuff like that.
  14. Was at a small town airshow and a F-18 came in, did a low and slow over the runway with the gear down, then split. It was astonishingly loud.
  15. All the 1st person I want is to be able to bail out of my Mustang over occupied France and score some local beauties with my swag bag full of gifts of chocolates and silk underthingies. Live out the war by a quiet river with Giselle, Marise, and Suzanne.
  16. I find the Apache the hardest to fly in all respects. It's a gorgeous module and the effects are first class, but often as not I fly for a bit and then it goes back in the hangar and then I'm off in the BlackShark. The BS2 is muh baby. We get along just fine. I'll try the Apache again today and try to stick with for at least a few test flights. Maybe I can get past the bumps that always stop me from flying it.
  17. As well you should be. The Ka-50 has a cult following and for good reason, and it has a weapons payload the Apache could only dream of. It can be a sledgehammer and a scalpel at the same time. And if you buy it on sale, you'll get the discount for the BS3 upgrade. But as Flappie said, if you don't learn the trimmer system, you'll go bonkers.
  18. If that's the last of the four it's kind of ending with a whimper. I'm sure it will be nicely done, but doesn't seem like an E ticket ride.
  19. Yep, want that Mig-21. Have to wait for the sale to kick in on Steam in three-days. Oh well.
  20. G.91R....... um........ okay. I'll take the sale, though, Need a Mig-21.
  21. Jamaica, please. For... educational purposes.
  22. Are you trying to spoil my BS3 daydreaming? Fine then! An F-111. But it won't be. My money, what little of it I have, in on an F-105.
  23. I never use the 23mm pods. Would rather have the 12.7 + 7.62. More fun. Most of the time it's Vikrs and S-13s. Nice and punchy. Still like to see 4 x S-24. That could be fun.
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