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  1. Dear Pilots, I hope this short note finds you all well and getting some flying hours in, on this wonderful Sim of ours - DCS World. I wanted to post a short note via 2 videos that respectfully informs those subscribers to my lil YouTube channel of DCS World. They will know that lately, I rebranded 'Wing-Flex' to HELI SHED and started to add content for my other luv in this life - Radio Control Helicopters. I thought that was deserved of explanation. I'm just adding variety on one channel for those things I love. Helicopters and DCS World. RC Helicopters have always been a big part of my life but, DCS World has not gone away, far from it. We'll be ramping up DCS world content, but of the Helicopters only - all of them! Fly-ins, missions, tutorials (we've already done one on Polychop's SA342 Gazelle that is linked all over) live workshops and some top tips! There are some fantastic channels out there for DCS world and I am in no means engaging in competition with them - the more channels there are, the better for our niche in my view. I'd be grateful for the support if you haven't already - it's a lot of work putting vids together for the TubeofYou and followers. Having been a strong advocate of LOMAC, FC, FC2, DCS World, a former ED Tester, content creator and VFS leader, I've been about a tad over the many years and many older ones will know me as 'Tyger' from the 104th as a SL & WC of the old 74th. I very much fly as a lonewolf nowadays with a very small group of friends and family and it allows me to put it down and pick it up as and when life allows and, means I can really enjoy the sim for me, instead of creating routines for others. I loved it in the day and all the guys of course but, retiring after 26 years service in the British Army-Infantry (PWRR) in 2013, meant that I had to focus on family, a new worklife and then 'anything else'. DCS world had a knack of becoming my all, of 'everything else'! Of course it would......... So lookout for plenty of DCS World content from me/us but don't be alarmed if as a subscriber, you get a notification of RC Helicopter content - you never know........... you might pick one up. Seriously though, DCS World is and always will be, high up on priority. Respectfully & thank you Tyger A Special DCS World Video put together by Pilgrim for HELI SHED 'The Helicopters of DCS World'
  2. in short - no. There isn't. Transfer lat long from F10 to PVI 800 as a NAV/TGT (up to 10 IIRC) - essentially whatever you want. Trying to do it without typing is like trying to drive a car without getting in it. It is fundamentally part of the process.
  3. @Nomorefly - like a lot of forums for lot's of games and issues in 2022, EDForums can be brutal, it has always been like that - it also, in the main............ is exceptionally useful and helpful 'IF' you structure a concern or issue correctly and appropriately. All you have done is come on and rant about how DCS does not meet your expectations for your system. You have never posted before, never uploaded logs, never asked for help and never it seems, done or presented that in a structured way that ensures gravitation to help. I'm willing to.................... many others too I'm willing to bet. The days of just mumble or TS have gone - we have discord, hell we can even chat in game - any which way you please, I can almost 'guarantee' to fix your issue, if you would just go outside, look at the sky, smell the air and put all this into context. As for being around for 4 years? Mate...................... a lot of us here were about with DCS before it even was DCS - LOMAC for me actually. 4 years is a drop. Shouldn't worry bout that. Let me know if I can help you if not, then why not consider following the ticket system or taking up BigNewey on the advisory of logs, DXDiag etc. Wishing you well now.
  4. Man o man - crikey.................................. OP: Listen, I have a similar system as you (cept a 3080ti and a 9900k) and I absolutely assure VR in DCS world is spectacular so you my ole friend, have your system setup completely and utterly wrong for you to feel like this. Happy to help - reach out instead of openly and overtly slamdunking and you might, just might.............. get somewhere.
  5. "if you are using the old control panel, Windows 10 takes time to fully populate Uninstall/Change Programs list. It may not have found it yet. Wait a minute or so. I find it both in the control panel as also Settings -> Apps -> Apps and features. Something may have gone wrong during installation. I would try reinstalling to get a clean install, and then check Apps and features." Thanks for your comment - it still does not show up. Perhaps because i installed outside of the default path may have made a difference?
  6. no it doesn't. It does however mean I've been around a bit and used all variations of TrackIR, know how to setup, finetune etc etc which, whether you agree or not, brings credence. Look, everyone has a view, everyone's toleration of what they want in a tracker is different, I get that - all I'm saying is that Tobii works very well for me - it may not for you. Back to TrackIR you go and enjoy it.
  7. Windows 10 here - Tacview does not show up in add remove programs or apps. Any ideas please - grateful.
  8. Grateful....................... if someone could tell me exactly how i Uninstall this from my system. No uninstaller at all, a cacophony of files installed all over the system. So, how do i get it uninstalled exactly? Thank you.
  9. Well before WinWing starts creating some innovative additions, they might wanna sort out there stock issues in the first place.
  10. as ever, of course a view / opinion. Horses for courses. However, in my case I've been around a while since the days of LOMAC, a former tester for ED with BS and A10C and been around longer than these forums have. TrackIR is dead for me. Tobii 5 is the way to go. As for Lag? Nope. none. Like an opinion or view, everyone has one and, it's all about how it's set up. Mine's wicked. Enjoy!
  11. Agreed completely. It went in the bin 10 minutes later.
  12. Tobii 5. Set it up, turn off eye tracking, tune head tracking = awesome. TrackIR5 in the bin - the hardware is obsolete - the world moves on. Naturalpoint have / did not.
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