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  1. you can still order, just pay in bitcoin..i did
  2. whats price are these selling for, seriously considering this myself i would forget about the hand tracking, if you get yourself positioned correctly in the cockpit after a few hours muscle memory will allow you to find the controls easily.
  3. Progress, waiting for various switches, buttons and knobs to arrive, ordered a 6mm hpa plastic board to mount it to.
  4. just got my jetseat and was wondering if anyone has some profiles they wish to share, thx in advance
  5. Main parts all printed now, time to start on the knobs and gauge surrounds
  6. you can still buy direct from Andre, i just paid in bitcoin due to the stupid sanctions. https://andres-shop.simshaker.com/
  7. I printed a complete @JselfF18 front panel for a cockpit build but have decided to go a different way, i have received his permission to put it up for sale, asking $200 USD for the prints plus shipping, they do require a but of finishing and cleaning up but will include every part and a the nutzerts for the screws,
  8. Working on a Hornet front panel build, a huge shout out to Hornet sim shop on Etsy for his files. prints so far, i've also attached a photo of what the finished product will look like when completed, i'll update this post as progress continues.
  9. we know it was tracked at almost 12,000kph, not sure if dcs could handle that a mig31 would be nice too...we can dream
  10. it works fine, the detents are noticeable enough that you won't accidentally push through.
  11. do you have the revision 1 or 2 cable?
  12. you wouldn't happen to have the files for the decals for the dials and gauge's?
  13. picked up an Anycubic Vyper, started printing tonight. this will be my first print....lol
  14. just got my set for my orion throttle....fantastic. Only one suggestion would be that the hole for the insert for the throttle connector (that holds the 2 throttles together) is a bit snug and needs to be slightly larger. it was easily fixeds with a file.
  15. have they been assigned in the Sinapp pro software?
  16. i've had no issues with mine other than a switch i broke myself, my own fault and they still sent me a free replacement toggle.
  17. it should be easily opened up and the usb socket secured, probably a loose screw.
  18. You wouldn't happen to have the modified files with the larger text, were these painted or did you use white filament. just got my printer today so going to give this project a go. btw, that looks awesome
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