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  1. I forsee the J being the next obvious step, but I would like to see the G, lots of local history with it.
  2. Ignitor power is routed through the inverter regardless of power source. I'm weak on aircraft E/E, but If memory serves we could run the inverter off the main battery. I only say that because I don't recall needing a power cart for ignitor checks, but I've also done it with which is like listening for a blinker with someone firewalling a CAT 6 ft away. That aspect of no ground power and no APU and still getting inverter may or may not be a booboo. Edit: Verified for sure inverter runs on Main Battery in case there was any lingering doubt.
  3. Hmm, I only dug into engine behavior a couple years ago and as far as I know they always started right up. If they did change it, it was changed to the more correct behavior, with the caveat that you are now inducing a hot start that doesn't seem modeled. Starting without ignitors would create a long tornadoing fuel cloud coming out the tailpipe. Flicking on ignitors would create a giant fireball. Which is funny for YouTube videos followed by shear panic, but the engines would start. The correct procedure after non ignition is motoring for 2 min, wait 5, and check the pipe for pooling and try again. We do this all the time on test cell to prime the fuel system before the first light off. You may be remembering procedures or they used to enforce the procedure with the start sequence. In any case, its correct operation as is besides the lack of explosion.
  4. Thunderbirds of course. I would prefer the "dirty tail" for No. 4 rather than the black painted one later
  5. Pave Penny was completely removed from the A-10 as part of the Charlie upgrade. You can make an argument for a full fidelity Alpha model and maybe a very tiny one for the original Charlie suite, but the Pave Penny has no place in the suite series represented by "Tank Killer II"
  6. Unless they changed something recently, the override switch is not modeled, or modeled appropriately.
  7. It's for stuffing things and not have it fly around the cockpit.
  8. You misunderstand, politics includes military leadership and the entire industrial complex, not just the suits in congress. There was an important third word. Fifth Gen systems integration. I'm not talking stealth jets, just the pod, information sharing systems, and ECM being included in the design from the ground up. Think F-35 brains, in an actually good CAS platform. Sure lots of things can drop bombs, but not many can loiter and keep a high Mission Capable rate like the A-10 which is incredibly important to CAS. B-1 needs 3 jets to just launch 1 and the gun will still be important when the computers inevitably fail in a 21st century peer to peer fight. Main point is that the A-10 is not going to stay around forever as suggested in the OP. Certainly will not last my career. It needs rebuilt with lessons learned or replaced all together with something fully vested in CAS or the AF just needs to give it up and hand that mission over to the Army and Marines.
  9. From a maintenance perspective it's a s*** or get off the pot kind of situation. Like any government system, supply is mired i politics and Uncle Jim's Backyard contracts more than usefulness. Most issues affecting MC are a result of cobbling 4.5 gen systems into an old platform. A clean sheet redesign is needed with gen 5 systems integration and much more advanced propulsion to increase the capabilities of an A-10 like platform and make maintenence easier than it is. If they can prototype the next gen A2A in a year they can do the same for a CAS centric bird like what gave birth to the A-10 in the 70s to begin with.
  10. My mistake. The switch implies BOTH functions of the switch where I thought GRD was guard mode for that purpose. What a dumb layout. Thanks.
  11. What position should the UHF Radio Frequency Mode Selector Switch be in to load a frequency? - PRESET (The instructions get this backwards. I don't know what is right, but this is how it works. It makes sense that to do Preset things, you should be in PRESET mode.) What position should the UHF Radio Frequency Mode Selector Switch be in to use a preset frequency? - PRESET After loading a frequency should the UHF Radio Preset Channel Selector Switch actually do anything? - Select the Preset Channel you wish to use/modify next. What position should the UHF Radio Function Selector Switch be in? - MAIN or BOTH to monitor Guard Is the UHF Radio Manual Frequency Dials (Indicator) supposed to change? - You have to use the STATUS button under the Preset Selector Switch and the programmed channel freq will show for a few seconds. If you cycle the Preset Selector switch after pushing STATUS you can see all the frequencies per channel in that allotted time.
  12. Really big birds and ducks have been recorded that high, but the probability of hitting one up there is low compared to takeoff and landing where the majority of bird strikes happen. Before my maintainer days I was servicing a Q400 that speared a bee right in the ass with a pitot tube on final and they lost instruments. Stuff happens I guess.
  13. I'm not a sensor expert but to my knowledge the A-10 is pretty good comparatively in IR, hence the tail configuration. The net benefit of halving/killing your available power (plus killing all systems) in combat conditions for the sole purpose of defeating IR is about as non-existent as air force warrant officers. Great you defeated the heater, now you are locked, now what?
  14. I would most definitely not recommend ever do anything like that
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