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  1. OpenXR 0.6.3 works perfectly with OpenXR toolkit 1.1.0 in DCS with Quest2. The latest OpenComposite version of OpenXR is not yet working with OpenXR toolkit . The Devs will soon provide an update to resolve the issue.
  2. Hi @Viper39, here is the complex mission I'm trying to import to DCS. It's a mission on top of a scripted map we use in our squadron Syria_mission.cf
  3. Thanks. You still have to wait for fxo rebuild.
  4. So you keep from Taz's version only the deferred folder with _helper.hlsl & _HMD.hlsl and model folder with only diffuse.hlsl?
  5. It happens to me too if I use a prebuilt mission with scripts
  6. I see the problem. I tried it alone. Thanks @Taz1004
  7. Hi @Taz1004 Is the NVG clear version still working with 2.7.11 cause it failed on me yesterday?
  8. Seems you are using an old version
  9. Yes you can. If you search for my posts in the OpenXR thread you will see the steps.
  10. As far as I know DCS can be moved from disk to disk without need for reinstall
  11. As a user of a gaming laptop (i7 9750 and RTX 2060, 32Gb and DCS on SSD, though) and Quest 2, I agree with SoH statements and suggest also to use initially DCS PD 1.0 and default suggestion of Oculus app for resolution at 72hz. Try also with preset DCS VR settings. And stay away from SteamVR, it uses too much memory for no apparent benefit compared to Oculus connection. After all Oculus directly supports DCS.
  12. Your target which is a DL track is at 25k and your radar antenna is looking 5-11. Unless you get your antenna elevation to the right place your radar will never see the target.
  13. Unfortunately I can't provide directions for Steam installation as I use the standalone version. OpenXR toolkit works in my case only when SteamVR api is used. I don't know how Steam works with DCS and api.
  14. It as simple as copying the 3 files mentioned below: Download latest release (not source files) of OpenComposite here: https://gitlab.com/Jabbah/open-composite-acc/-/releases - extract the following to the bin folder of your DCS installation openvr_api, opencomposite, D3DCompiler_47 (the files – NOT folders) and then launch DCS through Skatezilla's app with SteamVR api instead of Oculus. OpenXR toolkit is optional: Download this: https://mbucchia.github.io/OpenXR-Toolkit/ Install and launch (I have ticked the experimental settings) Launch DCS then CTRL+F2 (or whatever keystroke you've setup inside the toolkit - it will only be visible inside VR. If the menu is too large go to the right most tab and adjust the offset)
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