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Cat proofing cords

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I'd eventually like to mount my TIR5, and TM Warthog HOTAS to my desk. My only issue is that I have cats that like to chew cords that are these sizes.


Even if not permanently mounted, can anyone link me to some solutions that I can use to put around the cables?


I have a Logitech G19, and I run the TIR5 cord there straight up off my pull-up keyboard area to the TIR5 on top of my monitor.


The Throttle and Joystick both plug off my desk and the cords go right into the top USB ports of my PC.


With the cable covering, I would route it behind the proper areas behind my desk and into USB slots into the back of my PC.


I can live with putting the TIR5 away every day/when I leave the PC for extended period of times, but I'd like to leave the HOTAS setup out.


What do you guys recommend? I was thinking like 1/8 inch pipe insulation perhaps? It needs to still remain semi-flexible. I don't think the stuff that spirals around the cord but still leaves it exposed, wouldn't work all that well.

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You can also use cable spiral wrapping. Here's an example:


Many online places sell them and they come in different sizes


Edit: just saw you didnt like these spiral stuff.

Then perhaps you might want to consider 'braided sleevings'


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A friend with cats swore by the critter cord. But I have no first hand experience personally.





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I prefer the braided sleeve myself. Works on dogs too.




I have this all over my pit.

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As a tomcat owner (not f14 :D) I would recommend you to teach your cats to not chew on cables.

To do that, use a plant sprayer and spray their forehead with water whenever they start chewing.

They will eventually stop doing it.

Use this method for everything else you dnt want them to do. :smilewink:

Good luck!


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Get a dog and teach him to chew the cat when he sees the cat chewing the wires.

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Rubberband gun, paintball gun nerf gun but 9mm and .45 works best, they won't mess with it again.

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