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DSC A10C mini pit (exporting over LAN)


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Here is a mini pit I use for A10c. I thought I would share it with the group. I am looking for comments and suggestions on possible improvements to the set up.




1) AMD RADEON driven triple monitor set up for the simulator.


2) A fourth monitor on the triple screen simulator computer for export of MFD's, RWR and CMSC as well as a custom HELIOS profile.


3)A second computer which drives the 4 touch screens since the display port driver for the USB touch screens proved incompatible with the AMD Radeon setup.


4)I used TightVNC server and viewer apps to send the simulator computers fourth monitor information over my LAN to a secondary computer which drives the USB touchscreens. Both MFD's, RWR, CMSC as well the HELIOS profile.


5) TightVNC also allowed me to send my touch inputs from the USB screens over the LAN to the HELIOS profile on the simulator computers fourth monitor. Touching a button on the touchscreen clicked it on HELIOS profile on the simulation computers 4th screen which then sent it on to the simulator.


Everything works with no delays or stuttering. The MFD's render just fine and the gauges are all active and my touch inputs are recognized. It's a lot of fun flying the A10c simulator this way.


I cobbled together a custom Helios profile from Gadroc's and Loz's profiles. I used there hidden RADIO,UFC, and CDU panels on the larger central touchscreen. The editor made it easy to adapt their already excellent profiles to this setup.


One other application I used was Border Stripper which allowed removal of the window borders around the TightVNC viewer windows.


So with this hardware setup I had I managed to export a pit over the LAN. I also have done a Black Shark pit this way and it works great.


Constructive comments and suggestions welcome!


I am sort of new to this virtual pit scene, I imagine there is a lot more to it than what I did here.




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Thats pretty cool, is the combination of tightVNC and the USB screens reliable? I've had mixed expereince with USB screens in the past, but it may be time to take another look.





My mobo wouldnt run my 18" USB monitor properly, I think it was the MOBO as it only really claimed to support data over USB3, when it ran, it ran slow and behind the jet, it also continuously disconnected and reconnected my USBs.


Plugged it into my wifes newer computer and it just plugged and played.


Just a thought.


Nice pit BTW.

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Great looking setup. I need to research that tightVNC as an option for my pit as well. I am just getting started on my build and trying to sort out some of the major details before really breaking ground and the multi-displays and various inputs is the biggest hurdle. I would like to run independent displays for all of the pit functions with air cores for gauges and such at some point but for now I am thinking about rear projection for the front panel to reduce the number of display interfaces required. I was looking at this Matrox card as an option:




Although it is only 2Gb RAM on the card I have been told that DCS renders mostly on the CPU so it may not be that big of a deal.

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