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Fuel Tank For Mig-29


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Knell made new 3d Model for Fulcrum's centerline fuel tank i.e. PTB-1500 as you can see here at LockOn Models:



However once you install new centerline fuel tank it's skin becomes transparent so if you guys have any ideas please try contacting Knell at Lock On models web site.




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Hi, Im sorry that I do not have the time to download and try to implement your model myself. But I know what you are talking about, because the same thing happened to me when I was implementing my F-15 Fuel Tank. Here is how I solved the problem ( At least I think that the transparency problem actually is somewhat connected with this, since it worked quite well after making these adjustments ):


1. Select your Object, press M and assign a 3dsMax standard Material to it and name the material.

Note: I named the material the same as the object, but I think this doesn't really matter regarding the transparency issue.

2. In the LOMUtils panel under "Material Type" click "Pick Materials"

3. In the popup window click the "+" in front of "Scene Materials"

4. double click the material you previously assigned to the object.

5. In the LomUtils toolbar select "per pixel specular" as the material type

6. Press "Set Data" Button

7. Export file as .lom and put it into your Bazar\World\Shapes folder.

8. Create a file named "NameOfYourLomFile.skin" where - Can you believe it - "NameOfYourLomFile" is the name of your .lom file.

example: F15-PTB.LOM ---> F15-PTB.skins

9. Open the .skins file with an editor (e.g.: notepad).

10. For reference on how the .skins file is build check out other .skins files in the Shapes folder.

11. Now for your texture you write:

material = {"The Name Of Your Material You Set In 3dsMax", "per pixel specular", "The Name Of Your Texture File You Put Into Your Bazar\TempTextures Folder.bmp"};


This is how it worked for me, I hope it'll work for you, too.

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