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Load my aircraft the way I left it?


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Hey guys! I think I already know the answer to this, but is there any way for me to load my aircraft the way I left at the end of my flight?


For example. After shutdown I turned off the O2 and opened the canopy, and burned half my fuel. Is there a way to load this again?


I would like to shutdown my aircraft "save" {somehow} and then the next time, load the mission up, update the time and weather, and start my aircraft the way I left it in cold and dark.



Looking forward to your replies! :pilotfly:

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Pretty sure there's no in game saving of any kind.



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I think there is a way but it'll not be pretty if it works, nor will it be done in game.


In the ME, it's possible via a menu option to load up the mission and set up aircraft, so that whenever the mission is loaded, the aircraft is in the state you want.

It might be possible to slightly abuse the fact this data is saved in a .lua file inside the .miz.


You'd potentially be looking at having a script that gets triggered to generate some data and save to disk, then have an external app decompile the .miz file, do whatever replacement is needed on the .lua using the saved data, and then recompile it.


There are apps that do decompile/recompile* (the WIP Dynamic Campaign does similar, but just builds fresh .miz) missions, so I definitely know that part is possible.



*.miz are just renamed .zip files, so you can easily do it by hand.

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