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I'm looking for a talented Mission Creator re: Huey


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I don't know if this is the place to be posting such a request but ...

I'm looking for a talented Mission Creator/Designer to create a HUEY Challenge Mission for me.


I have what I believe to be a very original and unique idea for a Huey Mission.

Most specifically is the lead-up to the beginning of the mission which would be very unique and will create a hair-raising scenario to challenge even the best pilots.


I don't want to give any specific details out until I find someone willing to put this mission together for me.


While I have given up on learning the ME, I am confident that this mission will NOT be difficult to script. Nothing too fancy. The scope of the work will almost all be in the flight perimeter specifications set in the ME. Again, it is easier to explain in detail when I find the willing mission designer.


Then, if all goes well and said mission designer isn't sick of me already, I have a mission that is partially complete but it needs a few things fixed and finished to remedy some issues that resulted from bloody updates !!!


Anyway, if someone is willing to accept a reasonable easy mission design opportunity, please PM me and specify how best to correspond with you .. ie. email, PM, Skype etc.

PS> The most difficult part of this mission design will be the creation of a critical sound file.

I am willing to work on its creation but will need help making it work with the mission file.


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Hey SnowTiger


I’m working on my own Campaign for the UH-1

and there will be no time for an additional project.

But I really know how important a good idea is. Nobody will fly basically the same mission in different packaging over and over again.

So I’m snoopy about your unique idea.

If you have found somebody, creating the mission, and it is finished will you publish it for the community?

And if so, I quit trying missions from the community, because 9 out of 10 coming up with "– no mist xxxx found - can’t load lua xxxx script –" :cry: and so on.

So if you like to publish it, take care of, only basic ME functions are used. :pilotfly:


Hope you will found someone because we are all waiting for “original and unique” Missions to be surprised.

I believe your request is a very good possibility, to bring people with good ideas and a lack of time, together with such, having time and computer skills, but brooding day and night over an empty paper searching for good Idea for such a unique Mission.


Thank you for open up these Window !! :thumbup:

Always happy landings ;)

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I have just contacted the two respondents and have shared my vision for the Huey Challenge mission as well as another more conventional, shoot'em up mission (albeit with an extremely unique mission plot).

I'll just have to wait and see if anyone is interested in taking on either of these 2 projects.

The latter mission was already almost completed, with voice-overs (with a ton of help from d0o0m .. thanks d0o0m) but Updates to the ME killed it.

My current mission idea (the Challenge) is also completely unique BUT I'm not sure it will be enough to hold anyone's interest. But it looks good "in My head" !!


I will most certainly be sharing these missions with the public OR whoever edits them can share them. I only want credit for my part.


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