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Hello guys.


Not really good at scripting and mission making, I am playing with the CASCAP mission Jinx created months ago. I am happy with my latest version but try to add clouds and/or fog on Vaziani, Tbilissi and Soganlug so that you have to use ILS to land.


Is it possible to have a small fog or low clouds area ?


Any help would be appreciated.



i9 9900k, 64 Go RAM, RTX 4090, Warthog HOTAS Throttle & Stick, Saitek Combat Rudder, MFD Cougar, Trackir 5 Pro, Multipurpose UFC and Oculus Rift S (when I want some VR),

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Static weather is global in the ME. You can't have local low visibility on a given airport, unless you are playing with the difference of altitude between them. You can setup a fog layer in the static weather tab of the ME; the "thickness" of it is actually defined from the sea level. A 150 meters thick fog layer will set low visibility to all the DCS airports/FARPS below 150 meters, and clear above. You can also use clouds layers but in this case, once you're inside the clouds, there is no visibility at all.

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