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  1. Tried, started in mission 3, not a single word/message/voice over, didn't like sorry
  2. yea maybe but they started to communicate, gave a release date, postponed it (twice) then went silent for months... Then one message about their coder and silent again for more than a year... So, to quote Yoda : communicate or don't communicate, there is no try
  3. Nothing since the few videos 2 years ago. I know the codeur had some health troubles but really ? So disappointed with this lake of communication. And it's not better on their Discord.
  4. The cloud cover is a pain in the ass.... Also couldn't see the burning town as it was under clouds too. Was doing fine but the manpad got my UHF radio so no words from lead.....
  5. inverted LMC and SLAVE so I can turn on and off LMC without stopping my laser
  6. You are gonna wait long....
  7. You mean contrast and brightness ? See below. Done on a quick mission I created with some moving targets and some cold targets at waypoint 1 to compare Apache, Hornet and Hog. Comparaison FLIR.miz
  8. Way better, still have to tweak the CONT and BRT a little at night. A moving target : Same from the FA18 :
  9. No longer try to get 100 score in ChilNG missions, but just try to survive and validate the mission. Scud alley is my worst score with 75.
  10. On my part, Davy asked me to RTB while he stays because one of the helo got shot down from the manpad he was supposed to kill. When he asked me if I could handle it I answered no as I was damaged and my TGP was dead... Still could land and got a 85 score which is unacceptable for me LOL
  11. The TEDAC isn't ground stabilized like the TGP or the ATFLIR. If the Apache is moving, you have to compensate or use the LMC. There could also be a drift that can be compensated with AZ/EL buttons (manual page 70) but never had to use it yet and not sure its implemented.
  12. Yeah with all the units it was a nightmare. Already deleted half the units in the convoy but still a real FPS hit.
  13. Never checked but between 45 min and 1,5 hour I think.
  14. When the Gazelle had 4 HOTs I put 8 hellfires. And only 4 when they had 2 HOTs. But you can always change as in almost each original missions you had to ask Meatboy to finish the targets.
  15. Uploaded to user files. Link in first post.
  16. Just flew first mission (mission 0) in duo, no trouble, fun one. Can't wait for the next one.
  17. No problem with FLIR in 2D and VR. You just have to remember that vehicles in cold stat won't be easy to see as they don't generate heat.
  18. Would be great to add some sort of "summary" at mission completed message.
  19. Nice thanks. Hope we will have a fix with next patch.
  20. Mission 1 : got the noise complain message once landed and 97 final score... How can it be ?
  21. Love the A10C but in the current stat it is not usable at night (MFD brightness bug). Once corrected I guess I will give a try to your campaign.
  22. Small modification to mission 11 uploaded.
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