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Stupid question about replacing Cougar stick pots

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Hi There,


I am currently modding my TM Cougar stick. I have two Bourns potentiometers lying around that I would like to use for this mod. There is just a little problem which is that they are 10 KOhm pots instead of the 100 KOhm of the Cougar’s original pots. Would that be a problem ? I thought that it would be harmless, since the only difference would be the minimum voltage seen by the Cougar’s PCB when the resistance of the pot is at the max, right ? The max voltage would still be about 5V, right ?

(and for this reason any Hall sensor working at 5V should work as well, right ?)

Or would that affect the range/curve/response/whatever?

Before I do something stupid...

Thank you in advance.

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More important that "K" is the "Efective Electric Angle" (resistive trail course), original pot' is around 40º - there's their datasheet in topic there.


EDIT - Find: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2878588&postcount=2


If your Borns pot is 270º (typical) the controller resolution will decrease proportionally, because:


Original pots varies voltage ~0 to 5 volts in 40 degrees turn.

The new for varies ~0 to 5 volts need turn 270 degrees.


Better make a DIY HALL sensor MOD. ;) The above linked topic show a good reason.

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I am currently modding my TM Cougar stick.


Just in case that it might interest you, here is a step by step conversion of the Cougar into a force sensing stick, like the one used on the real F-16:




This mod was first made by a chilean air force pilot officer, for use on his home pit :)



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