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Playback in track is it not possible to do this......

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Hey all i am making the Iron Angels video and i have collected about 4 hours of tracks from online servers and i really REALLY got some awsome footage with us. But when i go back to open the track and click on "VIDEO EDIT" i cant go out to external views because the servers original settings were set to no externals (which i am fine with) but i thought the whole reason of "Video Edit" the tracks was to do that????? so theres gotta be a way to use all that 4 hours of footage right? i dont want to be only in cockpit like it is and use the F11 view LOL that would suck. thats the whole point of a track right? to look at it from every angle see what you want to see? so why are we restricted to what the server settings are if the point of the track is to see what you did wrong and even make movies?

if this is not possible i will move on and collect new footage using externals on but just need help because theres gotta be a way to do this :huh:


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k thanks i'll check it out :smartass: if i have probs i'll post back.

You shouldn't have any problems. LOTU has no problem unlocking views in online track files.



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