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Force feednback joystick

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My trusty Saitek Evo Force got knocked over the other day and last night the trigger finally failed to respond. :joystick:


This leaves me with a dilema...do I go and replace it ...like for like or do I save up and get a ch or equivalent non FF joystick...discuss! :helpsmilie:


Lock on doesn't really afford any benefits to FF but I play a bit of IL2 and will miss FF in Storm of War (love FF for knowing when I will stall on a turn and also the gun shake)! Any comments greatly appreciated!

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Get a Saitek X52 for £73 from Savastore UK - I got mine two weeks ago after Cyborg Evo died too - two days delivery to Aberdeen. Can definitely recommend:D

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Thanks chaps!


I've got a CH throttle which I love dearly (must get my head around the programming software...!) I think my choices are replace or get the CH JS...Arg I hate making decisions!!


Anyone know how to enable FF with more than one joystick attached...currently I only get FF with only the JS plugged in....


Also have an Ergodex which is the bees whatsits! :)

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