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Low angle rocket runs.


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Can anyone explain me why does this happen: if i do a low altitude rocket run, the laser always gives me wrong point of impact. The rockets always fly over the computed point for some reason.


Off the top of my head: At lower approach angles the differences in height on the aircraft between laser, HUD aimpoint, and rocket pods all add up to a significantly greater percentage of angular error than at higher angles. This is further compounded by the fact that at low angles, the same percentage of angular error will generate a vastly larger ranging error.


Now, take all of the above, and factor in the fact that at a low approach angle, your speed over the ground is higher. This means that the delay between when your eye sees the aimpoint line up with the target and your finger presses the trigger results in you covering more ground, introducing more angular error into a situation that is already extremely sensitive to it.


TL;DR: making a low angle rocket pass is literally setting yourself up for failure. The only time you should do this is if you want to saturate an entire column in a single pass, then the range error works in your favor.

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Laser very likely gets echoes on the low angle, why it is either jumping as it doesn't know which reading it should read, or then it is selecting the pre-defined distance (likely longer distance) from the echoes.

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