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Putting UTM grids into the PCN


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Does anyone know how to input/convert JTAC UTM grids into Lat/Long for use in the Mirage? I.e. LM046804


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There is a situation exactly like this in the campaign. The short answer is you cant, which is told by your instructor pilot. He asks AWACS to convert the coordinates.

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Hmm. Do you know how to convert them?


You can use the mouse to read co-ordinates on the F10 map.


So use the co-ordinate toggle LAlt+Y to switch to MGRS to find the target location and toggle back to read it's Lat & Long (the co-ordinates update with a small mouse movement).


You can also use a online converter or application.


As the example (LM046804) has two letters, it's MGRS based (UTM would be all numbers)


You'll need to determine the grid zone (37T or 38T in the Caucasus) 38T LM is in Georgia

  • 38T
  • LM is the 100 km grid sq reference
  • 046 is the Easting (4.6 km east)
  • 804 is the Northing (80.4 km north)

So you'd enter the MGRS Grid Ref. = 38T LM 046 804


into a website i.e. http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong-utm-mgrs.html


to find the Lat Long = 42°15′04.8423″N, 042°37′52.7524″E


Obviously it's much easier to use the F10 map but it might not always have the the required precision.

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