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Keeping busy while waiting for the template...


Found a font very close to the one (of many) used for stencils on RAF aircraft, so redoing them (by the way, those trestles are to be used for steadying the wing tip, not "studying" it :) ):






If using decal sheets as a reference, keep in mind a lot of them get the Material Spec numbers for the paint wrong. The rudder should be marked "308 C" instead of "305 C". 308 is matte aircraft paint, C means nitro cellulose based.


The rest of the aircraft is finished in synthetic matte paint, or DTD 517 S.


The prop on MH434 is a modern one built to original specs. It has modern markings on it. WW2 markings were like so:





Exhaust staining progress... going to put in a couple more layers.




Camo patterns finished, both tropical and temperate.

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