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German and East-German liveries


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German & East German Skin Pack

Release Notes

v10: Update 2022-05-13: Skins completely redone so that they look now more realistic. Additional skins added. Tested with DCS 2.7.10

v09: Small fixes on the air brake and tested with DCS 2.7.3
v08: "GDR JG-3 604 Last Flight", "GDR JG-3 Scheme-604 Last Flight" and "Luftwaffe 29+01 First Flight" added

!! Please do NOT change the livery names because the livery ressources are cross-linked for space optimization and so the livery name is very important !!

The MiG-29A liveries have fixed BORT numbers and the MiG-29G have 2 dynamic BORT numbers.

Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322434/






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Hopefully the template will be released soon :)


Maybe you should contact Krasniye:



I'm afraid ED probably won't release one when it's done. So unfortunately I had to create my own from scratch using the base textures. I may be able to upload a pure metallic skin with no markings or camouflage if that may help you guys. Currently I believe I have the only custom livery for the new model and it was an absolute pain to get it there.


It's a real pity there's been no NVA skin for the 29 yet.

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thats awesome thanks !


Danke :-)

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