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Nice job all involved in that video, It never gets old watching pro's do their job.


I've had a go at your carrier landing mod and love the work you have done with it, I just need more practice, can't get over how close and slow you have to come in at, with an all mighty thud at the end on landing.


Thanks for sharing.


Regards, Ian.

Asus p877v-pro, Intel I7 3770k 4.2ghz, 32gb Ripjaw X ram, Nvidia RTX-2070 Super, Samsung 32" TV, Saitek x52 pro Joystick and Combat rudder pedals, TrackIR 5, Win8.1 x64 with SSD and SSHD protected by (Avast AV).


DCS Tech Support.

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Why is it that watching PLAT cam footage is so addicting for Naval Aviation fans!!!


Really enjoyed the latest uploads JAR.


In case any of you addicts need a fix, here is 30 minutes of unedited PLAT footage from my private stash.



USCTaylor, you can see your VFA-37 CAG bird (#300) get stuck in the wires at ~8:00 mark.




CSG-1 VFA-25

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Man I wish I could have made that Jar.


Thanks for the invite though, it was much appreciated.

i9 9900K @ 5.1Ghz - ASUS Maximus Hero XI - 32GB 4266 DDR4 RAM - ASUS RTX 2080Ti - 1 TB NVME - NZXT Kraken 62 Watercooling System - Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (Virpil Base) - MFG Crosswind Pedals - Pimax 5K+

VFA-25 Fist Of The Fleet

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