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  1. Corrections already done for all missions in the campaign, the tree removal function is a hit and miss affair, works sometimes and not others, missions may have newer introduced errors due to later patches to DCSW after work and testing was completed. Deployment Campaign corrected for DCSW 2.5 and later Regards, Ian.,
  2. If you or others are so inclined, try my corrected versions of DCSW Campaigns, should work better than the originals, bar any newer issues since I did the work and testing. Deployment and others for DCSW2.5 Regards Ian.
  3. I am missing it also. I think it is gone for good unfortunately.
  4. In the front seat, you have a little lever on the left lower part of the cyclic stick to unfold it, if it is stowed you have no control until it is unstowed.
  5. Stable DCS release: C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\DCS.log Openbeta DCS release: C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs\DCS.log
  6. I would increase your "Windows Pagefile" to 32GB, so you have 32GB real ram + 32GB virtual ram.(I consider this minimum personally). Nvidia GPU drivers referenced in the crash log, you might have to uninstall them, download and run DDU cleaner and reload fresh drivers. Re-run DCS to see if it fixed crashing with Syria map base missions. Regards, Ian.
  7. You will both need to have a common IP protocol between you, either IPV4 or IPV6 (Long MAC looking address), depending on the Internet provider you have, you may have IPV4 only, IPV6 only, IPV4 over IPV6 or a Dual Stack system with IPV4 and IPV6 together. The ideal is a "Dual Stack protocol setup" that would allow IPV6 connections and fallback to IPV4 connections if needed. If one of you has a IPV4 only setup and the other IPV6 only, the later may have the option of changing their router to allow IPV4 over IPV6 as well, this would allow for you both to connect with the IPV4 protocol. Regards, Ian.
  8. Log is showing problems: Nvidia GPU drivers referenced in the crash log, you should uninstall them, download and run DDU cleaner and reload the fresh drivers. Lua code errors, maybe related to MODS (FRENCHPACK V4.8), suggest uninstalling all MODS if fresh load of GPU drivers doesn't resolve issue. Regards, Ian.
  9. Looking at dxdiag doesn't show any glaring problems, there are logs of "app crashes" and instances that point to "Memory leaks" happening (indicating that software is over running System MEMORY / RAM or using it very poorly by not releasing MEMORY once not used anymore. I have no real pearls of wisdom here, but based on you helpful description above: I would increase your "Windows Pagefile" to 32GB, so you have 32GB real ram + 32GB virtual ram.(I consider this minimum personally). Try lowering the "TEXTURE QUALITY=LOW or MEDIUM" in DCS config, users say the AH-64 model has very "high textures" and this combined with SYRIA (One of the largest maps of DCS) is requiring a huge amount of memory and is causing a huge MEMORY LEAK (This will fill all available system memory your system has no matter how much there is and usually will result in either a crash to desktop or the issue you have). Try running Windows TASK manager or resource manager to monitor what programs are using the most CPU, GPU and MEMORY whilst running DCS and then the mission, memory is the most critical to monitor, I am guessing that it will starve even the windows system. Regards, Ian.
  10. This is a hard one, lot of speculation on my part, but your log of that mission deviates to mine by the parts in the spoiler, whilst that mission lets me into the cockpit fine (Running slight higher addition of DCS test version) Looks like it could be related to a sound card issue of some sort (Can't play sound or taking too long to find and do it). Missing or corrupt sound files (Missing WAV files maybe related to a MOD, SRS, etc). Left over MOD components that haven't been removed correctly ("ERROR VFS: VFS_open_write:" and "ERROR APP: can't open file"). White Screen and lockup error could be multiple causes, most likely faulty GPU and / or drivers, PSU or any other software or hardware. (Good start is to get the DXDIAG report to get a feel for how you system is operating in general and if there are any captured fault reports). To get DXDIAG report: Use windows search for : dxdiag Click on run dxdiag in search window. Click on bottom tab: Save all information. Choose DESKTOP on left directory list and then the SAVE button. Upload DXDIAG.TXT to forum from your DESKTOP. Excerpt from DCS.log: Check this forum solution for something similar to yours. General diagnosis of White screen lockup Regards, Ian.
  11. Going to need a dcs.log and dxdiag report to help you out. Regards, Ian.
  12. Awesome, nice to have a win every now and then Thanks for letting me know. Cheers.
  13. Excert from DCS.log looks quite the mess. Shows "Not enough memory resource" errors and "Not enough memory to decompress files" errors. Shows "SECURITYCONTROL: IC fail:" on files, probably due to not decompressing files correctly. Shows a couple of hundred "Key combo skipped" errors, I have never seen before Shows "File write errors" due to files being in use already. Recommended to do: Increase windows pagefile from 9GB to 32-48GB as you only have 16GB of actual ram. Update nvidia drivers to 511.xx as using older set, you may have your own reasons for using them instead. Do a "memory" and "hard drive" test, as faulty RAM or SSD/M.2 drive may be the issue at play. Run Windows file checker "SFC /scannow" to check for corruptions to system. Remove any "MODS" if any installed (Can't see any traces of such). Run DCS repair and cleanup commands, you mentioned that repair didn't work, did you mean it completed correctly but didn't fix issue, or was unable to run at all ??? Regards, Ian.
  14. The two dcs.log files in you original post are corrupt and unusable, you might want to try and recreate, upload and test the new ones can be opened or read. Regards, Ian.
  15. Can only offer generic advice that I would try as there are no glaring issue in the DCS.log. Delete the Syria map files from your install. "L:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\terrains\Syria\". Run the STEAM "Validate install" option on DCS to check for install errors and to re-download the removed Syria map (Hopefully this will correct any missing or corrupt files / Directories that may have existed). (will download 32-64GB Size of Syria Map). Might pay to increase the windows pagefile from 16gb to 32gb to accomidate the large Syria map. Nvidia GPU drivers referenced in the crash log, you might have to uninstall them, download and run DDU cleaner and reload fresh drivers. Re-run DCS to see if it fixed crashing with Syria map base missions. Regards, Ian.
  16. Hi Dave, I think a great deal of us are getting into our twilight years, if you had clicked on the link mentioning BIGNEWY in my original message it would have indicated on how to do the required steps, but that is no problem, I felt I had better give you some more direct links and easier instructions to follow. Instructions for changing pagefile (input 16384 or 32768): https://mcci.com/support/guides/how-to-change-the-windows-pagefile-size/ Download and install these drivers for your GTX-1060 here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/187098/en-us Using windows explorer, rename the folder: "C:\Users\user\Saved Games\DCS" to "C:\Users\user\Saved Games\_DCS" or "C:\Users\user\Saved Games\DCS_Backup" and start DCS to recreate a fresh configurations folder and run a mission to see if it resolved your loading issues, if it has you will have to copy over parts from the old backup, such as logbook, inputs for joysticks, etc. (This is the hard part) This is the main DCS problem that needs to be addressed, excerpt from DCS.log showing no permission to access a directory to write a file amongst other issues: If step 3 doesn't resolve the issue with mission loading, I will need to see the new DCS.log file created to see if this same error is occuring or not. If same error is there then it will be more of a hardware or windows system fault that will need to be found and addressed, that will not be easy. You could run DXDiag and send log to see if that contains any clues: Press Windows key on keyboard and type dxdiag.exe and click on that name in the list of results to run it. Click on bottom tab (Save all Information) and create the file on you desktop. Attach that saved file to post in this forum. As you said you re-installed DCS, I have assumed that a DCS clean and repair would be fruitless, you did also mention other issues on your way, what were they ????. Regards, Ian.
  17. Quick look at your DCS.log shows : Your Windows Page files is to low (2gb) and should be set higher (ie 16 - 32gb). Video card drivers quite old (Might pay to get later version). Main issue is Lua code errors that point to the Missioneditor folder, you have permission denied and other failures. The Lua Code issues may be caused by MODS being installed, and the issue of locking up when loading mission is usually because of some issue in the "C:\Users\user\Saved Games\DCS" folder, or loading a mission that may have been edited on a latter (Test) version of editor (You would get a warning on loading that it was made on a later version though). General Help for this issue by Bignewy Regards, Ian.
  18. NP, have to go to bed soon. Good luck with it. Could try, but I can't recommend it personally. 5. How to use sfc /scannow - it will inspect and repair all of the important Windows files on your computer, including Windows DLL files. a) open Command Prompt as an administrator b) type the following command: sfc /scannow and then press Enter c) system File Checker will now verify the integrity of every protected operating system file on your computer
  19. Seems more system wide issues, dxdiag isn't working correctly, and obviously DCS, other error reports on "Edge browser" updates failing, Edge Browser crashing. You haven't run out of ram or HDD space have you, can't diagnose with non functioning DXDIAG still. Have you tried running: DxDiag /dontskip /t c:\dxdiag.txt from command line. Have a look at my previous message with the second spoiler about the LUA errors, would try to fix those, they are trying to run some sort of code to do with MOD you removed I am guessing, maybe an export files or something.
  20. @KillerDog Had a second look at the dxdiag.txt you sent and that has a section at the top that said it failed several stages of the diagnostics, didn't notice that before, would explain why details weren't right about graphics cards. Try re-running DXdiag and see if it can complete correctly and upload if you want, read the spoiler for details. Follow with a DCS repair and clean also if dxdiag looks ok.
  21. Looking at your DXdiag.txt: Video card drivers for the Nvidia GTX-1050 and Intel HD GPU's don't have any details about the graphics cards (Amount of Ram, driver capabilities), So me personally would look at doing a fresh install of latest drivers for them as this is not normal. The DCS.log file: Some references to missing Lua files, that seem to be related to Lua5.1 programming language, not sure about what problems these may or may not create. Regards, Ian.
  22. Would help to see your DCS.log file from the saved games directory, but I suspect that its an AI bug that has crept in and you will have to wait for it to be resolved with a future patch. What version of DCS 2.7.??.????? OpenBeta or Stable are your running ??? Mine is more of a later testing version (Would have numerous fixes applied) so the issue your having might have been resolved already (Reason it works here) and would most likely be available in the next "DCS OpenBeta" / DCS Stable patch. Remove all Mods if any installed. Temporarily Backup/Rename your DCS.xxxxxxxx folder in SAVED GAMES and recreate a new one to see if it makes any difference to the missions issue. Restore your backed up DCS.xxxxxxx folder if step 3 didn't make any difference, if step 3 fixed the problems you will have to determine which files in the Backup are the problem by slowly restoring sections of directories/files back into the newly created DCS.xxxxxxx folder. Sorry can't be more helpful. Regards, Ian.
  23. Not seeing the issue with this mission on DCS OB 2.7.11.xxxxx, The wingmen follow like good little wingmen, and respond to formation commands, etc. I didn't play the whole mission, just took off an cruised around issuing orders and watching them form up and go Pincer-right, Pincer-Left. You have any more details of the issue ??? Regards, Ian.
  24. The file you have dowloaded is a archive file which has multiple compressed files inside of it, you will need to extract those files and place them in the correct directory structure for the logitech X52 software. You will need to download and install a free program such as WinRar to extract the files from the Logitechx52.rar file. You will need to have the Logitech SST software installed (These files don't go into DCS at all and aren't programmed to change the joystick programming, they use the "Logitech profiler" to load the profiles for use and they inturn simulate you pressing the required keyboard and axis commands and sending them to DCS in real time as you fly. Hence at no time do you edit the profiles in the DCS input configuration, but in the Logitech SST and profiler software. Logitech Profiler needs to be running in the windows task bar which will show all the profiles you download when you have them the correct directory. You will need to then place all of the *.pro files from the extracted RAR file and place them into the "c:\Users\Public\Documents\Logitech\X52" folder, or something close to this. You will also have to remember to switch the profiles when ever you change aircraft to fly when in DCS. You should then be able to select the F-16 profile from the Logitech Profiler software in the windows task bar. Fly DCS as normal. Regards, Ian.
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