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CSAR homing beacons not working in MP only in SP


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It's buggy as far as I know. Homing signals in MP have been highly unreliable at best for years. Several people have pointed this out during the years, but it seems to be very low on ED's bug fix list. And that's a shame, since it adds so much to helo missions especially.:(



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My homing beacons are not working in MP only in SP. Am working on a separate computer making a mission. WHen i setup a server an join with a different computer the beacons are not working.


any idea ?


I believe the issue is that the beacons are broadcast fine at the start of the mission to any aircraft that already have the pilot in them, but under multiplayer this isn't the case, all players aren't in their aircraft the very second the mission starts, so they will not be broadcast too.


Only solution I have know of is to write a trigger event using switched condition so that each beacon is re-broadcast, every few minutes through out the mission or when a new client is detected in a certain zone.


Some hint here on how to do it






Regards, Ian.

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