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Search then engage in zone...


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Breathe... Breathe...


Have an AI SU25 group with two aircraft tasked with going to a waypoint. That part works.


At that waypoint I have an advanced waypoint action of "search then engage in zone."


The group does a 180 and departs.


I added a "duration" stop condition of 15 minutes.


The group does a 180 and departs.


Tried to assign groups- but the first group is destroyed before the aircraft arrives:


The group does a 180 and departs.




Meanwhile AI ground activity... WOW. 5+ full aircraft modules have been developed- and ground AI movement is the same? Just wow. Still can't pathfind through wrecked vehicles and quite often end up 3 in 1- literally fused together. How is this still a thing?


Anyway- I think the AI ground pathfinding is literally just garbage and that's it for tag. The aircraft though? It's GOT to be better than that.


I don't want to depend on elaborate scripts- this is literally vanilla mission editor functionality I'm tapping into... why is IT so $#@%#ed up that I can't even get an aircraft group of 2 to find a target and shoot at it using existing vanilla functions? :doh:



EDIT: Changed to priority 1.




Changed to lower altitude:



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i may be mistaken, but isn't "search than engage" an "enroute task", meaning it is active, while it proceeds to the waypoint.

if you want a prolonged enroute task, you could, for example, start the task and at a later waypoint use the "switxh waypoint" to make the unit patrol...

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Stupid question but do you have drawn zone ? 'search then engage in zone' needs trigger zone or it wont work.


Have you check here: http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/DCS_editor_AITasking ?


(yes, ai is one of worst i have seen in sims but its bit better year after year , but only bit.. )

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Does the AI have a flight plan after reaching the waypoint with the task? If not they will just RTB when they reach the last WP of their route.


A good way for a task like that to work is to assign the task at a WP with the zone along their flight plan. So lets say WP 2 is the at the center of the zone, you'd assign the search and engage in zone at WP1.


You could also search and engage in zone directly over the WP and set an orbit command. The flight will orbit, if detect a target in zone they will attack. Once target is destroyed they'd go back to orbit.


The duration is simply how long that task will last for as long as the group has a route to fly.

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