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Should I deactivate all my keys before a BIOS update?


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BIOS updates shouldn't cause any issues, but if you want to be sure, it is best to deactivate.


I haven't tried deactivating campaigns, so I am of no help there I am afraid.


Thank you for your reply. I found you can deactivate the campaigns. The exe. Under the DRM button lets you deactivate them.


One more question:

Is there a way of deactivating all modules at once?

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Check out this great Utility.




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BIOS update went smooth, no activations were lost in the process.

Thanks everybody for help and advice.


Just be carefull if you change anything more in the future such as ram or a hard drive, the bios change will be added to it, so if you go over the points system it will cost you activations.


Can't remember but probably 3 points for Bios, 3 for ram and 3 for Hdd.

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  • ED Team
An activation will be required if the hardware/software changes exceed 12

points as rated below:

CPU ID: 13

Windows PID: 3

Computer Name: 3

Hard drive volume serial number: 3

MAC address: 6

RAM amount: 6


A guide to activation's can be found in your DCSWorld doc folder


DCS World\Doc


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