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Ping---Any Way to Reduce High-Ping Rate?


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Is there any way to lessen a high ping rate?


Only way I know is try a restart to maybe get a different path.


I have Time-Warner RoadRunner Internet and my download speed is close to 300Mbps, upload about 30Mbps .


The WWII MP server I like can vary 140 to 200 ping via PingPlotter with a little bit of packet loss in Europe.


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There are a few ways, but usual only a couple available to a consumer depending on where you live, and how well off you are (can you afford it).


First is to increase the speed at which you transmit. Not the total bandwidth, but physical speed. For some people in certain geographic regions they can get fiber optics whose transmission speed is the fastest to date. Unfortunately the last mile is usually still copper, so there is room for improvement, but this is beyond the consumer.


Another option would be to pay for a VPN. This will allow you to change the route (reduce total hops) you take to the server depending on how many servers/countries the VPN provides. I'm able to reduce my 180ish ping to Blue Flag to 140ish using my VPN some days.

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