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  1. Ever since the latest update to the voice chat system I am unable to bring up the window for it, or actually hear any comms over it anymore. I switched it off and back on in the options, restarting DCS each time, I ran a repair and I triple checked that the key bind is still valid. Nothing. Anybody having the same problem? Or any other idea?
  2. Rotating and moving the 'F4' onboard camera to something close to what you want is the best bet here.
  3. Okay, this is a bit of a rant and I apologise in advance. Feel free to lock this thread soon enough. What is it with 'new BVR AI' I keep reading? Yes, it can do a few different maneuvers now, but frankly, I don't care much about those, because I am much too infuriated with some of the general and actually basic problems with it. The way I experience DCS the fighter AI has literally two modes in which it operates: 'Led by Gandalf' The mode they get into after having engaged the player once. Or having seen the player for several seconds, as a fleeting contact at 30 miles range and a bizarre angle. Sometimes gets triggered by locking on to them, of course, but sometimes it happens at random. It's the bloodhound mode in which they decided they hate you. Fair enough, but even after definitely having no valid contact information anymore they'll still keep on following on that perfect intercept, sometimes for half an hour until they strafe your plane after you landed, parked and shut down. Bonus points if it's an AI fighter that never even had contact but is a script respawn of a previously killed enemy. 'I know nothing... nothing!' The other grand mode in which they gladly ignore their surroundings entirely. Especially often encountered if they are tracking something, as there seems to be no way in hell that they even consider that any other contact, including ones that are actively engaging them, could perhaps be of any higher priority. I know this is not something that happens in 100% of the cases. Sometimes things kinda just happen to work. But no matter if it's pre-made or multiplayer missions or missions I make for myself, there seems to be no way of ensuring this doesn't pop up. Sitting back at my base and re-doing the 10 minute INS alignment for various fighters I can't quite stop from thinking how some flight sims I had in the mid-90s had better AI in such regards, and that thought is what led me to this rant. Thanks for listening.
  4. I for one spend more time enjoying the Yak-52 than I do with Combined Arms.
  5. Just make your own mission with the configuration you want. Seriously, a cold start free flight mission doesn't take that much effort.
  6. That's probably just a bug.
  7. As far as I know currently vehicles that are not moving will stop their engines, thus when they spawn stopped and never move, they won't be hot.
  8. Wait, are you implying DCS development might have something like a focus? That's preposterous.
  9. We don't even have the old Huey bag tanks for sling loading...
  10. I don't fly into clouds anymore. Scary things happen there.
  11. Yes... yes, it should be, but that is only the case when people set it to be PTT. A lot of people prefer 'Open Mic' all the way, it seems. In related news, yes the ducking is said to have been fixed, but I couldn't quite verify that yet, as since then I can't bring up the voice window anymore, and yes, I have made sure it is activated in the options. Anybody having the same problem?
  12. Crossposting the exact same and, frankly, rather weirdly formatted message across literally all the forums is decidedly not making it seem like spam.
  13. Would definitely be nice, but given how the Harpoon performs in DCS there is barely any effective change through this.
  14. Mind you, vehicles will remain available for the AI (e.g. as enemies) even if you fully remove them from your disk, as they are also available if you never owned them to begin with.
  15. Here's the thing: The AH-64 is going to get you right back to tank plinking pretty much, but it'll be a completely different experience than from the A-10. You can transfer a lot of tank knowledge to there, though. The F-18 on the other hand, you get to keep up a lot of your fixed wing flying experience from the A-10, but open up more into the world of fast moving. If that is the path you want to try, I'd personally advise to first get the jet, try out how you like it, and then decide if you also need fancy decorations for your carrier or not.
  16. Looks a bit to me like ED is trying to establish a whole lot of new call signs (Hornet got theirs, Apache got a bunch, Viper probably too?) so when they actually go back to the recording studio they won't find they have to redo it yet again a month later. Don't think the 'original voice actors' are necessarily needed - seeing how the whole ATC is supposed to get a big update anyway one might just as well start all over. Not saying they couldn't be there, just saying that if one of them is not available that probably isn't a huge problem.
  17. Nobody truly does. Technically it makes sense that you can't just take somebody's designs and put them in your game without them having a say. That's why a lot of games have what are clearly real life objects in them but give them nonsensical names to avoid 'any sort of semblance'. The thing is that some courts would definitely decide that certain designations and names are 'fair game' while in some circumstances courts would be 'oh no that is totally making statements about this particular product!'. Doesn't get much easier when you consider how wildly laws about that sort of thing vary from country to country.
  18. I'm so sorry to hear that. I didn't know him much beyond these forums, but I know we'll miss him.
  19. Personally I think the damage model to the city buildings should be less of a priority than damage models to ships and ground units, really, but still try not to make perfect the worst enemy of good: yes, it would be awesome to have internal structures and realistic damage to buildings, but - as sirrah has pointed out - a huge improvement already is just making a 'ruined' model for the common buildings. One could later on further append it by giving it various degrees of destroyed.
  20. Mind you, these are two different things: one is the flight call sign, the other are personal call signs.
  21. That's exactly what somebody who'd want to keep the base a secret would tell us, though.
  22. This weekend I learned the hard way that if you MP multicrew this setting de-syncs and makes for quite a nasty surprise.
  23. At the end of the day, they were a bit of a random choice on ED's part. The default call signs follow to patterns: one is for manufacturers of small arms (Uzi, Enfield etc) one is for manufacturers of cars (Dodge, Ford etc). Personally I like them to have a bit of a theme to them for mission building reasons, but really there is no 'official system'.
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