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Unknown module MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign

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Can`t install campaign (I`m using DCS 2.04, not the latest patch):


Unknown module MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign


LOG file content:


=== Log opened UTC 2017-03-18 23:48:55
INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.14393; Win64; en-US)
INFO : cmdline: "H:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply install MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign
STATUS: Initializing...
INFO : basedir: H:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha
INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openalpha
INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN;  WORLD,F-5E,POLYCHOPSIM_SA342,RAZBAM_M-2000C,L-39,MIG-15BIS,MIG-21BIS,BF-109K4,F-86F,FW-190D9,MI-8MTV2,UH-1H,A-10C,FC3,KA-50,MAPLEFLAG_F5E_BFM_campaign,A10C-REDFLAG_campaign,F15C-REDFLAG_campaign,NEVADA_terrain)
INFO : branch: openalpha
STATUS: Connecting to update servers...
INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com
INFO : Got reply from srv4update.digitalcombatsimulator.com
STATUS: Verifying cached version info...
STATUS: Preparing to install MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign ...
ERROR: Unknown module MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign
=== Log closed.


Also, why it called ACM and not BFM as here in the forum?

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Unknown module MAPLEFLAG_F5E_ACM_campaign


It's a new campaign and you need to have the update to allow it. BFM is basic flight maneuvers as opposites to advanced or air combat maneuvers. Not sure what the actual mission difference is though and why there's no forum for it yet




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Also, why it called ACM and not BFM as here in the forum?


We are waiting for ED to create an ACM Forum section but until then we can use this area.


This is the second campaign in our F-5E Aggressor Trilogy. The first was Basic Fighter Maneuvers or BFM - Guns only 1 vs 1.


This second campaign raises the challenge and focuses on Air Combat Maneuvering or ACM with 2 vs 2 engagements with Guns and AIM-9s.


You can choose how to use your Wingman (engage, cover, pincer, etc) and each engagement is different depending on those choices.


The final campaign, which is still being developed, is a Red Flag campaign, flown from the F-5E Aggressor perspective. With the BFM and ACM experiences you will be a better pilot and more capable to succeed in the Red Flag campaign.


In testing we found the ACM campaign much more difficult than the BFM missions as you need better Situational Awareness or SA because of the multiple aircraft. Avoiding the AIM-9's while trying to keep SA is tough.


Hopefully we haven't made it too hard. Once a proper forum section is up we will post an introduction with a hints and tips section we learned while developing and testing.


For now we recommend you instruct your Wingman to either ENGAGE BANDITS or COVER ME.


We think the balance is good now but based on user feedback me may tweak the engagements further to make them easier (if too hard) or harder if folks find them too easy.


Please let us know how it plays for you.


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Great campaign, I downloaded it yesterday and spent a few hours siming it. The two vs two engagements are much tougher.


Is it realistic that if I loose my wingman in the first engagement I must fight alone against two aircraft in the second engagement? Shouldn't he respawn?


We debated about that and felt it upped the challenge if you do lose your wingman early (we can't make it too easy). :smilewink:


Plus it adds to the drama - do you protect your wingman or have him cover you?


1 vs 2 can be done but it takes some skill. That's why we included the practice missions so you can get good in that scenario.

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really? I can't fly the F5 at all with the new update when I select the F5 DCS crash all the time


This a known problem for the F-5E and a few other modules for some folks.


Skatezilla posted that he can reproduce the issue for the F-5E so hopefully they will have a fix for it soon.


We don't have any problems with the module currently and many other folks are ok as well.


MapleFlagMissions - Read Our Blog for Updates

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Yes I saw that here from the patch note


Sadly, some critical issues still not fixed because we can't reproduce them and find a reason. However, we still working on it and hope to resolve these issues ASAP.

Known issues:

M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.

MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.

L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.

L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.

A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold start.

F-15C control axis don't work.

Bf-109, Spitfire - some gauges don't work.

F-5 Freezes DCS completely, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.

DCS сrashes when Shilka hits a FC3 plane. thanks for the reply




thanks for the reply Saber

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