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Did the Spit ground handling get updated?

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A few squad mates have been online this week, for the first time since December in same cases.

They've mentioned how much easier takeoffs were since they last flew.



They've convinced that the ground handling (or at least the take-off characteristics) of the Spit has been updated, but I don't recall seeing any patch note to this effect.



Does anybody know if any changes were made?

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I'm sure there were some changes made to wheel strut dampers, as seen during startup (no silly jumps when engine catches, as it was in the initial version of the module). How much it affected the ground handling during taxiing and rolling - difficult to say. To some extent - surely. Personally I haven't witnessed any really striking differences, and none whatsoever about controls response.


I'd say for your friends it's a bit of landing gear tweaks, a bit of placebo effect and a bit of just getting better :D.

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There were changes made which were delivered with the first update after release. They resulted in better take off and ground handling characteristics. So yes.


I'd agree with this Phil, there was a noticeable difference in ground handling a while back. We'll keep seeing changes until the Spitfire is out of beta.

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