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Printable Map for Normandy


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I was wondering if anyone had found or been able to make a large scale, high quality printable (in A0 or A1) map of the DCS Normandy area. I have two printed off already for the other two maps and I find it really adds to the immersion navigating by paper charts. It also means that you don't have to press F10 which can sometimes give away the enemies position and feel like cheating.


I think it is even more immersive for a map set in 1944 as well!


Thanks in advance,

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Although not what you are looking for, here is a pictorial map of France,

(British Isles is available).




These were created in the early forties and are not meant to be accurate.


But very cool nonetheless.

I printed and framed Britain and France 24x36 inch!

You can download hires images to print.

Full post here,




And this I found but poor quality,


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