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Strange data on the board after flight...


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Hi guys,


After few flight When I leave my Mig-21 I can red all these informations on the board.

It's really strange because no problem during the flight but during the same flight I can read in loop that:


Engine Startup and Engine Shutdown, is it a bug ?


My DCS is DCS "Stable version"...


Thanks in advance for your assistance, Skull.




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There are also 2 sliders on the right of the screen. I'd say that was definitely a corruption issue.



Concerning the two sliders on the right side of my sreenshot it's because I've used Photoshop for make this screenshot.

It's from two screenshots because the page was too long...

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Neil if you prefer here the two screenshots from the same flight:







It's better for you ?


Thanks, Skull.

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I'd be curious what the SARPP data says for the same flight. The way the MiG module handles engine RPM is really weird, using -% for AFB. I would like to say that MiG is only ABing EFM jet in DCS but it's not (Viggen, Mirage, F-5). Why is MiG different? Is it different? What benefits are there for a scheme which seems so screwy from an outside perspective?


I wonder what events correspond to shutdown-relight events: G? AB? shooting?

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