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Somethink that I hope will be fixed in future

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Just sharing some thoughts...

Recenlty I've been watching a random video where the guys are fooling around in DCS and one moment made me laugh :)

(roughly from 10:12 till 10:37)



Bf.109 accidentally took five hits into his right wing from allied MiG-15: four 23-mm hits and one 37-mm hit.




And 109's pilot did not even notice a thing untill he looked at his wing.

Hopefully, introduction of new damage models will make Bf.109 a bit more fragile. At least more fragile than a B-29 :smilewink:


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This isn't about 109 so much as everything other than bullets in DCS seem to be made out of unobtainium alloys.


A year ago, I ran a test of DCS guns against a few aircraft. In DCS, only consecutive hits at a single spot in a short period of time seem to really do anything of consequence, almost regardless of weapons caliber. Sure it makes some difference, but the main rule seem to be what I've said above.


Against an AI hawk, sometimes it took 18 hits from 30mm MK-108 motor kanone, plus like 50ish 13mm hits. Using MiG-15, I've seen it succumb to no less than 6-8 37mm its along with almost 30 23mm hits.


People keep saying "new damage model can't come soon enough", and that is a huge understatement.


The sad thing is, problem isn't even limited to aircraft. Infantry soaks up lots of rifle cal or even above bullet hits, and lately even close proximity HE explosion seem to just tickle them. Things are iffy on vehicles too.


It is said so far that damage update will first arrive for WW2 aircraft, we'll see how will it go. But even if it goes super smooth and great, I'm afraid with how things go with DCS upgrades, we'll grow a bit old before modern aircraft and general ground unit damage systems can get an overhaul too.


But well... good thing to know is, that at least this problem is acknowledged, and is being worked on, so we'll just need to keep waiting with bated breath I guess :)

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