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DCS.exe Bad Image


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delete it and run a clean up and repair


sounds like a corrupt download possibly or your drive is starting to fail?

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When you say to delete it, do you mean to uninstall ALL of DCS World? I am new to DCS World. Have been flying the Mission Relic Campaign with F-86F for two months with no problems. I just purchased, downloaded (yesterday) nine programs of Campaigns and new aircraft that are presently on sale: five A-10C campaigns, F5E II, MiG 15bis, MiG 21, etc.


The F-86F and the Mission Relic Campaign worked fine after the download. Then I did a defrag and optimize of the D drive where DCS World is located (I regret that action now...)


I get the same message:


"DCS.exe - Bad Image


D:\DCSWorld\bin\edObjects.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your System Administrator or the software vendor for support. Error Status 0xc0000020."


Note: the D:\DCSWorld\bin\edObjects.dll file indicates it has 0 Kbts in the file.


It also takes four clicks on the OK error message portion to acknowledge the message... almost like there are four errors? Not an IT dude.


Appreciate any help. Only occurred since these new downloads using the recommended DCS World site, etc.


My Hard drive is 1 year old (Lenovo y900 Gaming Computer with GEFORCE GTX 980, 16Gb RAM, 2TB hd, etc.)



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I get the same problem on one of my laptops. Its always a random *.dll with 0 kb. I will do a repair and it it will be fine for a couple of times and then it will be a 0x000020 again with a different *.dll.

I did the repair, and then made a copy of the \bin folder. I just copy the "good" bin folder to the "bad" \bin folder when it happens. Yep its kind of a pain. Do let us know if you find a fix.

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