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PRF Mode against Jamming?


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Complete new to the FC3 Planes, got the Su-33 two days ago..

Still learning against AI how can I effective employ the SU against F-15 and other Threads...

Understand how you suppress your Enemy he can not re engage.

So far I read R-27ER have tiny little advantage in Range over the AIM-7, but seems the electronic Countermeasure of the F-15 seems little bit more advanced over Suchoi or the RCS is worse..

Did the HPRF or LPRF Mode of the Radar any effect on the Range when you able to burn trough the Jamming?

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High PRF works best when target is hot, Low PRF when it's hot. The INT mode uses both but you get less power out of it (it's good when you merge)

You can use the power axis for the radar to get a better lock.


Basically against ECM you should wait until you get burnthrough (at a certain range you'll be able to see him as if he had no ECM).


If he manages to fire before you just pump and go low try to get him to the merge and fight him with R-73 (which are really good). This only works if you have some terrain to cover yourself from him

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Also, the R-27ET and the IRST won't be affected by jamming...although by the time that you get in range to pick them up on IRST they're probably already at burn-through range. Still, I prefer the R-27ET before the merge because it seems a bit more reliable than the -ER and because it's fire-and-forget, so you can immediately begin to maneuver to avoid AMRAAMs or to anticipate the merge after you fire.

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