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  1. The only thing jammers do in DCS is hiding range info. Normally when you are within 25nm your radar will get a burn-through to the jammer and will be able to tell the range since then. Also if you fire a missile before burn-through, the missile will fly in Home-On-Jam mode and will track the target autonomously with rather poor accuracy.
  2. Congratulations to CNF for the win. Well deserved and good luck in future matches. See you in the finals! S!
  3. Congratz to inSky for a well deserved win. Many thanks to the RAVENS for putting up a nice fight, especially the second round which was close. Hope everyone enjoyed and see you next time! S!
  4. So far I found It can be done via CTLD. Note you must have MIST and CTLD loaded first in the mission. ctld.deactivatePickupZone('name') Not sure if the zone have to be a pickup zone though, gotta test that.
  5. do if Group.getByName('F-86F CAP'):getSize() < 1 then mist.respawnGroup('F-86F CAP', true) end end Hope that helps.
  6. Sorry we brought it down yesterday for some testing. It's now up and running!
  7. Fixed some issue in mission 2
  8. True 'BVR kills' are rare seen in DCS due to poor missile performance, especially against skilled human opponent. Against AI opponents it is easier. Here are some tips: 1. Always go for medium range ET shots. Launch them between Rmax and Rtr, if no LA then override. The AIs almost never notice it coming. 2. Besides silent kills, the best way to increase your missile's lethal range is indeed launching them from high altitude and speed. For example an R-77 launching from 25km has a good pK at 10000m but is nearly useless at sea level. Generally speaking altitude of the launcher gives a more significant boost on missile performance than speed. However there are some other concerns if you shot at a very low bandit from very high up, the missiles may not track well due to ground clutters, so better convert your altitude into speed in such scenarios. Basically you need to get a good 'feeling' of missile performance(both kinetic and tracking) to use them effectively, and that comes from hours of practice.
  9. I suppose this is not a bug. It is a logic law of the FBW system in order to simulate an airspeed-stable handling for the pilot. As the speed increases, the FBW automatically add a small amount of pitch-up input, and vice versa. Refer to page 112 of the DCS Su-27 Flight Manual for details.
  10. Why it misses: IR missiles typically has a low resistence to flares. It also depends on the IR signature of the target. Since most helicopters have a very low IR signature, the missiles are even more likely to get spoofed, when attacking such targets. Attacking from rear aspect will make the missile harder to be spoofed, in most cases. Why it hits, but doesnt cause much damage: The R-60M was designed to be a 'tiny' A2A missile which even the lightest airframe can carry it. As such, it has a relatively weak warhead, compared to other AAMs. And the Mi-24 is an attack helicopter designed to withstand a lot of fire and still stay in one piece, that's why the R-60M, or even other larger AAMs, are unable to take it down with a single hit. Better use guns then...pew pew pew!:D
  11. Any chance of getting some JTACs lasing 1113 code for the Su-25T?
  12. Heads up gents, here's the letter from the Northern Caucasus PVO Command: SATAL Missions & Briefings For this year's SATAL we will be using 5 different missions. Prior to each match, the mission will be chosen by rolling a dice. See below for detailed briefing: Mission 1 - Anapa vs Sochi Distance: 270km/140nmi Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi Mission 2 - Senaki vs Tbilisi Distance: 250km/140nmi Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi Mission 3 - Maykop vs Senaki Distance: 320km/180nmi Bubble radius: 110km/60nmi Mission 4 - Sochi vs Kutaisi Distance: 250km/140nmi Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi Mission 5 - Maykop vs Vody Distance: 250km/140nmi Bubble radius: 90km/50nmi Mission 1, 2, 4 are mixed terrain, while 3 is mainly mountainous and 5 is flatten terrain. SATAL Weathers & Seasons We have 5 presets for weather. Similarly, they will be chosen by the dice: - Calm, CAVOK - Windy, 10 m/s, scattered clouds at 300 m - Stormy, 20 m/s, overcast - Calm, fog, overcast - Stratus overcast, 1800m ceiling, light wind - Broken clouds 500-2500 m, wind 5-15 m/s Real-world season(northern hemisphere) of the match date will be applied. Temperature will be set based on seasons, with an idea of simulating the climate of caucasus region: Winter: 5°C Spring/Autumn: 15°C Summer: 25°C Missions and weather presets are in attachments. To use the weather presets, put them under Saved Games/DCS/MissionEditor/weather/. When you run DCS, go to mission editor and you should have them at the bottom of the 'Weather' Panel. Also, we'd like to inform you that 51st have got new Teamspeak address and Website/forums. Get yourself updated on these infos so you can find us easily! Teamspeak: Website: http://www.51bisons.com (under construction) Forums: http://www.51bisons.com/forums/ Good luck to all squadrons. See you in the sky. S! Weather_Presets.zip SATAL Missions V1.1.zip
  13. My first flight ended up suddenly getting jumped by Micro who was last seen 60km away but Mach 2:doh: GK! Second flight I blown my tires after ferrying to Tonapah Test Range landing with 6 tons of fuel:lol: At last we landed at Groom Lake and look for those UFOs:D The event was a blast! Really enjoyed it. Thanks IronMike and 104th for organizing and everyone who participated.:thumbup:
  14. The FARP Briefing images seems outdated as some names are different in the actual mission and some simply does not exist?
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