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Gunsight constantly in the way

Burning Bridges

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I just wanted to ask if I am the only one here who really enjoys the plane but is also somewhat annoyed by the gunsight.


I spent hours to get the best combination of head position, zoom and so on and it never feels right.


It is such a plane that to really see anything my head wants to be as high as possible, but then the gunsight completely blocks the variometer.


On the other hand when I use the option to automatically switch to the gunsight when I open the gun safety switch (which is great and other planes should have too) it further limits my options, because I want to be able to see the reticle without moving my view, and in principle the search for the best viewpoint begins again.


I have no trackIR and only 1680x1050 resolution and the constant changing of the view is getting a bit annoying.


Please don't see this as a criticism and I really love the plane, but I wanted to ask what solutions you have or if you just live with the gunsight permanently in your view.


I know the L-39 has an option to remove it, and thats actually fantastic. The Mig-15 UTI was also a very popular trainer plane by the way, and without the gunsight the one seater would be as close as we can get to a Mig-15 UTI equivalent which would make it an almost ideal choice to learn flying.

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You should really try to get a TrackIR ..- if it's cost is too steep then consider a clone, I use this one and have no trouble with the MiG:




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