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Open Beta Screenshot Won't Open In Photoshop?


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Grabbed a screen to show off the Harrier but Photoshop doesn't like the file format.


Is there something different about screen grabs from Open Beta than the other two versions of DCS?


Never seen this before...



High Quality Aviation Photography For Personal Enjoyment And Editorial Use.


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Strange that the photoshop doesn't read png... Extension change most likely won't help. I use irfanview as an image viewer and for simple editing (resize, crop etc). Can convert png to jpg too.


To have DCS create jpg see this:



translation by google :D:

The format of the screenshot package can be changed in the file Saved Games \ DCS \ Config \ autoexec.cfg (if this file does not exist, you can create it):


options.graphics.ScreenshotExt = "jpg"


or "png"

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