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X-45 recalibration tool..

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This rebuilds the config files for the X45 in the event that the auto-calibration malfunctions. (Newer X-45's were digital- thus they have no "calibrate-on-demand" feature) Save this file to "My Docs", unzip and run the tool.


Not to be used except for a repair.

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Yep- I've been having issues with my throttle losing signal at the top of the axis- I'd have it pushed forward to the stops- but be stuck anywhere from 80 to about 99%. I would also lose signal in the rotaries too.


This is a recalibration fix for your controller:


Un-plug the/all Saitek device(s) from the PC.


Save the attached file to My docs.


Unzip the Saitek_Recalibration.zip file


Note that XP might require you to unblock the file from running:

Navigate to the file via start\my computer\my docs\ Right click the file, properties, unblock.


run the Saitek_Recalibration.reg file - Click 'Yes' when prompted.


Re-plug the device(s) back in, go to the test screen of Game Controllers in the Control panel


Move all the axis in the full range 4 times to recalibrate.


That should leave the device(s) recalibrated and ready for use.

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Paulie- save it to your "my docs" folder. For some reason it won't let you unblock it from the desktop. (see text in red)


I only contacted them about my X45. I'm sure there is one for the X52, but I doubt it's the same. I'm still not 100% sure why reinstalling wouldn't acheive the same thing- but it surely did not for me. So far- so good on this file..

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