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Holy frickin crap!


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I just figured out they have the approach plates plate for Nevada in the kneeboard of the 101! I'm sure this is old news to some of you but playing in vr, pausing, taking my headset off, looking at my ipad, putting my head set back on is a huge immersion killer. Have other devs done the same thing? Anyway thanks Aviodev! Thats a bad ass feature.


P.S. thats a nice checklist in there too!

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You have those in every aircraft. You can find, edit and add others under

\DCS World\Mods\terrains\Nevada\Kneeboard


Same goes for every other terrain.



If you want to take the customization of the kneeboard even further have a look at the Kneeboard Builder


Except Caucasus plates are Aerodrome diagrams and VAC charts only... no IFR charts of any description.




DCS Finland | SF squadron

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