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cockpit visual recon mode


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I need help with that.


There's very little information about it, and a bit confusing.

The manual doesn't seem to include it, although it is potentially a very powerful tool in multiplayer.


My questions are:


1-Does it work in Multiplayer at all?

2-Does it mark the targets on the map or just relays an audio/text warning?

3-Does it work even if the targeted units have the option "Invisible" on?

4-If I fly in multiplayer and the F10 setting is for "Map Only" or "My A/C", does it still mark the target on the Tactical Cmdr's map view?

5-If yes to the previous, how long does a unit remain visible to the opposing coalition after being marked?

6-Why don't the Mig-21 and ground units have the option to Cockpit Visual Recon?


Thanks in advance for the info.

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Visual recon mode needs to be enabled on the server you are playing, and generally needs some sort of "Fog of War" enabled too. Which means that the enemies don't show at the start of the map but will show up when spotted by an Ai for example.

1. Turn off mouse clickable cockpit, either LALT+C or double click middle mouse button (wheel)

2. Right click your mouse button, you should see a red crosshair appear on your screen (may need to keybind the right mouse button under "enter visual recon mode")
3. Look at an enemy target, or group of targets, and Left click your mouse.

Enemy targets should now appear on the map, you may or may not get a message detailing the units you have spotted, or if no units were detected.


1. Yes, if visual recon mode is enabled in the server

2. Marks targets on the map (on the servers I've used it on anyway)
3. Don't know
4. Don't know
5. Don't know
6. Don't know

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