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  1. Share the.miz with a picture of the road. It could be the new viral challenge . By the way it’s easier with Su-25A than T
  2. It looks like the "COMMON GEOGRAPHIC REFERENCE SYSTEM (CGRS)". Easy system to quickly transmit coordinates or setup killboxes, holding areas etc...
  3. Try the isometric view (ins) or AltG+F7
  4. i have this kind of message too when i set a target for artillery. ERROR EDTERRAINCORE: utm_private::fromLatLon Longitude 28d more than 60d from center of UTM zone 11 Map nevada
  5. Take my profile, i tried to make the most effective profile (close to real one) . I use it for years :thumbup: Su-25.rar
  6. Est-ce que tu contacte bien la tour pour ton approche ? Normalement la piste s’allume à ce moment-là.
  7. Peut-être me trompe-je ( je ne vole pas sur 2000) mais c’est une toute nouvelle fonction, le manuel n’a pas encore été actualisé.
  8. It was an idea to help him in his case.According to the the BOC and BOT définitions « CAS aircraft are not required to be TALLY / CONTACT / CAPTURE the target when conducting BOC attacks ». If it was a BOC control, he just have to drop his bomb on the coords, no need to search for the spot, and no need to activate laser. You’re right by the way, all steps of the CAS process are important, CAS brief and game plan too!
  9. It also depend on the type of control. Is it a bomb on target or a bomb on coordinate control ? On a BOT the pilot lase for his bomb, the JTAC uses the laser like any other mean to help you quickly spot the target. In a BOC the JTAC will lase for the bomb.
  10. OMG two seated ? Like F-14?!!!
  11. Don't go strait to the target but with an offset.
  12. did you try to remove the bombs ? with just vikhr the behaviour persist ?
  13. Yep AI, no it will not respond to smoke... the only way to play JTAC is in multiplayer
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