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Missing: AV-8B Course Knob Functionality


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If you look at ED's F-18C hornet navigation tutorial, I think the video at 3:13 shows how it should be implemented.


The F-18C's course functionality based on a TACAN is neat, but it may be more advanced that what an actual AV-8B has.

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I have a hard time believing that such basic functionality (i.e. setting a course on a TACAN or other beacon) does not exist on the AV-8B, especially since both displays from the F-18 and the Harrier, at least on the EHSD page, seem to share an awful lot of commonality. After all, the AV-8B and the F-18 are both McDonnell Douglas products in a way.

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Well, INS Navigation has not been implemented AFAIK. I assume the course knob will have the traditional functionality once fully functional. I found the "NAV Course Setting" command in the clickabledata.lua , but no keyboard or joystick settings.

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AV8B has this function according to the NATOPS document: DDI

For TACAN operation, pressing the TCN pushbutton on the DDI turns the TACAN on, if not on, and enables steering

data from the digital computer to be displayed on the EHSI/EHSD display on the DDI and the HUD. The symbols,

pointers and displays which appear on the DDI are the aircraft symbol, TACAN station symbol, TACAN bearing

pointer, TACAN course pointer and various digital TACAN displays. See Figure 23-6. The aircraft symbol represents

the aircraft position and the TACAN symbol represents the TACAN station position. The TACAN bearing pointer

indicates the bearing to the selected TACAN station. The TACAN course pointer indicates the course to/from the

selected TACAN station. The digital TACAN displays which appear on the DDI are the range, bearing, and

time--to--go to the station.



Source: https://info.publicintelligence.net/AV-8B-000.pdf


Further information can be found on page: 594

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I've been dearly missing this one as well. After all, it's pretty hard to fly published TACAN approaches, without being able to settle on correct radial. Hope this gets there soon.

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Believe your correct as far as lack of functionality and that several features (Basica & Advanced) the Av-8 is capable of. It will in fact run course steering as well as off-course bearing and navigation and provide steering cues for VOR/VORTAC navigational beacons. But you are correct Chuck in that it is very similar to what the F-18C provides in terms of functionality both in the digital and analog standby HSI instrumentation.


Guess the basic navigation / and VORTAC DME approaches will have to wait.




Here is a section of the NATOPS



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