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  1. @SFJackBauer Any consideration to the macro adding VIP / VRP and offsets for the DED Dest Page per WP ? If not can I have permission to try and figure out it out ? 0 programming experience with MS Net framework nor with GUI editing
  2. Seems like VRP and VIP are broken now on the last update. No longer Displayed
  3. Yes sir Correct I was told SPI is currently WIP officially.
  4. It doesn’t explain it. In the 16C M4.3+ spi is a spi is a spi and all relying on the ins and mc the AG radar and TGP share spi and should be synced together when utilizing either one as SOI
  5. Greetings, Has there been any official work or update for the fix for SPI not syncing between AG Radar to the Targeting Pod ? Reported Back in May and officially acknowledged, just a very frustrating loss of functionality with SPI usage. thanks again for your time Orig post
  6. any updates on this project ?
  7. It was my issue disregard. Ran a Cleanup and fixed the issue. Sorry Thanks
  8. Anyone having issues with these after the latest update ? @Hawkeye60 Not sure if its a known issue or not. Thanks
  9. About the request for the OA1/2 VRP and VIP coordinates adding would be awesome. This is the older Weapon Delivery Planner for Falcon BMS that I was referencing. Its an amazingly powerful tool There are several manuals also on the WDP website discussing the features and its all free. Obviously doesnt work with DCS nor do I have the programming know how to edit the GUI and add the OA1/2 and VRP/VIP as entry macros to the DTC. Thanks again for the time and consideration. !
  10. With the newly addition of the Offsets they are awesome feature however not showing up in the HMCS. They are listed in the books as a displayed Symbology List. As of now OA1-2 only show up in the HUD. Shouldnt need a Track, they are not displayed. 5 second check to reproduce
  11. +1 Replicated Last night on the PG, crosschecked with souce docs
  12. @SFJackBauer thanks for the huge update and VR Hotkey support. With the addition and update to the VIp, VRP and OA1 OA2, and DEST pages any plans on adding support to augment and add these to the DTC ? Would love to setup pre programmed pop up waypoint bomb attacks using the DTC now. thanks again
  13. Well either way its been a while since all the hype and several discussions of "we are working on it" and "its in the works" however no news, progress updates, info etc. Just the DCS Crickets
  14. Has been reported by several users on several threads. Hopefully gets addressed next patch. Or at least the damage variable whatever it is ( If Fuselage damage true = then Fuel leak 100%)
  15. Any addressing by ED to the fuel leak issue ? Or at least make the (if damage = Fuel leak) variable not 100%. Hopefully this gets addressed the next patch.
  16. Damage Models Look great ! Keep up the great work
  17. Agreed. However Bailey pushing the idea for a mod community UNIVERSIAL .dtc format is a great idea. Then maybe other apps can utlilize this as well. CombatFlite, Kneeboard Generator etc etc etc
  18. Yea I was thinking more along the lines of a work around similar to what we see with macro run with a GUI like SFJackBauer did for the Viper and the other things we have out there. My assumptions on ED opening up their modules for a data card feature or even them actually working on it in the next couple years seems slim to none. F-18 / F-16 / now the Apache etc etc etc Our only saving grace is the awesome Mod community.
  19. This is awesome to see all the Data card mods out. Any plans or looks at the Apache ? How difficult etc. Thanks for all your work in the community Bailey
  20. They work in multiplayer. Tested yesterday, as I am already making some fun strike missions. All of the clients including the server need the mods installed, as with most addon DCS Mods. If the clents do not have installed they either will not be able to join or will not show up in game. These do not have the destroyed models except for Chernobyl, which is a semi destroyed reactor core. Way around is with the smoke / fire effects and triggers etc.
  21. Wow man your on Fire ! Really appreciate your work. Thoughts on anything for the PG like Bushehr or the Ghadir Radar site ? I feel like a kid at Christmas !
  22. More ! Excellent to see @Hawkeye60, you are legend ! Only issue I foresee is with larger structures not segmented into several different smaller static objects units to assemble is they have to be on very flat clear terrain. You start to run into that clipping / lifting issue and limited placement. Keep up the great work !
  23. I use it with VR however does not work in the same as it runs as a windowed mode. I just run a streamdeck and a single button push to activate the App, lift the headset for a quick second to upload a saved profile. Works in 5 seconds, but unfortunately outside of VR, and the WP capture will not function correctly in F10 in VR . Still very easy. Its such a miracle tool in DCS
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