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84th FIS WIP (read: NOT a request! lol.....)


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So I'm sure all of the skinners and modders are used to my name now in this sub forum from commenting and asking for small projects, etc. Well, I decided to pay back. I've never skinned, never been into skinning, but am really into aviation. The Sabre is a beaut!!


So with the inspiration of folks updating their older projects - Strut, Rick, ChSubZero, and BoNiddle; the help with understanding the .lua file and layout - Skatezilla & Automan, and help from a very patient and knowledgeable mentor in DCAF's head skin artist CTC, who's fabulous custom unit Harrier can be seen on post #255, page 26 of the Harrier pics page, I decided to take on a project to bring forth to the community.


These are very early work pics. Special thanks to the following - Rick for the SPEC layer from his factory fresh Sabre livery, Skate for all of the work he's put into making a very detailed and easy to use template, and lastly CTC for all of his time and patience, this project would not have even have started if he wasn't willing to help teach me the ways.


When released I want to release the historical skin as it is depicted by Wings Palette, and also a squadron "blank" with the FU bort numbers in front of the horizontal stabs being able to be custom for co-op/squad/flight/element use. I took the existing stencils and changed the colors of them to very light grey where the black stripes on the tail made them invisible, and I will have to move the US Air Force up higher, as well as change the font, to make it more accurate for this depiction.


I know that the nose decal needs a ton of work, and also I know that the decals overall need to be.....um, well I'm actually not sure how to make them look like paint yet lol. Help!! Anyways, the WIP. Please comment, and don't hold back, I can only learn by hearing from y'all!!


From Wings Pallette -










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Excellent Robert, good to see another "tragic" appear to swell our ranks. Keep up the good work mate. Im also playing with the "Decal" problem of making them look like paint, almost there. Il let you know when i do. :thumbup:



DL available skins here:




Pictures of my Skins here: https://imgur.com/a/bOQyQqW



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Robert that will be a good one! Regarding using my factory fresh Livery as your base: Irealize you're just starting out painting. So I don't mind you messing about and using my work to learn from. But in future please ask permission. I don't like the precedent it sets. For the same reason I didn't use Reflected's work...other than to learn the ropes but came up with my own work. There's no hard feelings mate, but please, come up with your own spec and/or base paint layers. It will grow you as an artist and be much more satisfying of an accomplishment for you. I'm more than happy to answer questions you may have as well. Please don't include my spec in your work. That said, it's looking good so far, And I have no doubt that your own work will come along nicely to give this work your own touch. Right now it looks very much like you took my factory fresh Livery and are using it as a base. I'm flattered, really I am, but this is precisely why I don't give out my template. I've removed that livery from the user files area. I'd rather see original work. I really value everyone's own touch and talent. Again please do not release my spec with your work.

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Hello Rob, if I may offer a bit of advice?


Firstly yellow is a bit of a challenge (to put it mildly) to depict with any gloss finish due to the lighting engine making any gloss finish have a "metallic" appearance, hence the "gold leaf" result.

At the moment I cannot find a work around so have to live with it and use a green overlay on the SPEC layer. Thats why the yellow ID bands on my korean war Sabres are essentially a matt finish.

If ayone can solve this they will be my hero!

All colours suffer from this to one degree or another and also require a green SPEC layer overlay.

Experiment with transparency to try and find a good balance. Feel free to have a look at one of my SPEC layers to see what I mean.


With regards to the paint sheme you have chosen: It looks like you have made a bit of work for yourself with regards trying to join the black stripe trim on the nose decoration.

If you look at your profile illustration, the stripe sweeps forwards towards the gun plate, in a very slight 'S' shape, whereas you have it sweeping backwards in a curve. That is why you are having the problem in trying to get a neat join. Trying to line up stripes in that area is challenging due to some distortions on the 3D model that need to compensated for.

Believe me I know. I have spent many hours pulling my hair out trying to make them work.


Hope you accept this advice in the spirit that its given.


Beware, you are very likely to end up skinning waaaaay more than you are flying.

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Thanks Bo!! It's an honor to have you weigh in since I have known your work for years and years!


Project is on a very short break, my mentor, CTC, had to tackle a short project for a squadron; he's mostly complete so we'll be back at it very soon.


SPEC - haven't started on it yet, but we'll be looking over everyone's work to see how this is done. Very intimidating, the spec layer bit!!


Decals - yes, it would appear that there were a few dozen liveries that had easier markings to copy....unfortunately we didn't know that until we got to the nose decal. The mesh layer that Skate made is a HUGE help for making new stuff, like getting the wingtip decals in the correct spot. We've noticed that the panels do slightly different stuff when in game viewing it vs what we see in PS. Trial and error and work put in will get that straight for us.


Patch / Logo - I found a hi-rez decal, but it's a later version so the cat is at a different angle, lightning bolts shorter, so we more or less have to make a new one. Spent a few hours and tried a few different approaches the other night and I think we arrived at how we are going to tackle it.


I'm on a short vacation, we'll get back to work on it towards the end of this coming week. Thanks for everyone's comments so far, all are welcome! Rick, again, my apologies for adding your SPEC layer and we will not release it with your work included.



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