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A few graphics glitches


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Most awkward are some cockpit lights/reflections in the night while having cockpit lights turned on - tested in F-15C. The one is right above the head and the others are on the back of the chair. DS & GCI options on.


The rain seems to have some phase distortion when you look at the right angle. Look for the almost vertical line without raindrops in the middle.


The last is color banding (probably already reported). May be hard to see, depending on monitor setting and ambient light.


🖥️ Win10  i7-10700KF  32GB  RTX3060   🥽 Rift S   🕹️ T16000M  TWCS  TFRP   ✈️ FC3  F-14A/B  F-15E   ⚙️ CA   🚢 SC   🌐 NTTR  PG  Syria

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